TalkingPointz on Google Next 2019


The big news is Google Voice is now GA, but it’s just the latest piece into a larger strategy on Google’s approach to enterprise communications and collaboration.


    1. This report focuses on G Suite announcements and momentum related to enterprise communications and collaboration.
    2. Thomas Kurian, who had worked at Oracle for over two decades, is the new CEO of Google Cloud and assumed the leadership of Google Cloud last January.
    3. Google is a large company (+99k employees). Google Cloud is a growing part of Google, which itself is part of its parent company Alphabet. Google Cloud contains several components. The enterprise communications and collaboration story is part of one of those components, G Suite. The other major component of Google Cloud is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Next was a Google Cloud event, focused on enterprise customers and partners.
    4. Many related products, such as Android, Chrome, and Fi, are not organizationally part of Google Cloud but can be components in the overall solution.
    5. Google shared that Gmail has 1.5 billion daily active users, of which more than 90 million are students on educational accounts, and includes 5 million paying businesses. Drive has over a billion daily active users.
    6. G Suite customers range in size from very small to Fortune 100 (such as Airbus and Verizon). Over the past few years, many of Google

      Dave Michels