TalkingPointz for Cisco Collaboration 2018


Spark is dead, long live Webex Teams.

That was just one of the headlines from the Cisco Collaboration Summit in April 2018.

There was a whirlwind of announcements. Why? Because:

  • The Cisco Collaboration team has been very busy
  • Cisco didn’t host a collaboration Summit in 2017.
  • It was the first Collaboration event since acquiring BroadSoft

Here is Collab Summit in a nutshell. Cisco Collaboration doubled-down on meetings and cloud. They took their biggest cloud service, Webex, and made it a platform that has multiple clients and endpoints. The client that was WebEx is now Webex Meetings. The client that was Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams. The two clients share the same name because they share the same new minimal look and meetings infrastructure. They also introduced a new technology for sharing content in dumb rooms, and announced two contact centers that no one uses will be the mother of all Customer Journeys. There was a virtual speech about flexible pricing.

The report is 7 full pages, with the following TalkingPointz structure.

  1.  Objectives (7 Pointz)
  2. Announcements (12 Pointz)
  3. Collaboration Flex Plan (5 Pointz)
  4. Dave’s Thoughts (50 Pointz, organized into categories for General, Flex, Branding, Webex Share, Positioning, Concerns, and Final Thoughts).

Note: Some Pointz have sub pointz!

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Dave Michels