TalkingPointz 2Pager on Arkadin’s Vision


Arkadin has launched a new video conferencing service, or in their terms a new “Digital Meeting Space.” 

It’s an intriguing alternative to say WebEx, Zoom, or SfB for conferencing. The most compelling feature of the new service is its price – though you won’t hear that (easily) from Arkadin. The actual sticker price of the service is about $19/mo – comparable to Zoom. But that’s just the sticker price – the out of pocket price is much less.

Vision is powered byPexip. I’ve known Pexip for some time, even visited their office in Norway – but I just don’t hear about that many services using their technology. Arkadin is very open about it – and rightly so. Pexip has some impressive interop and WebRTC capabilities.

If you are interested in Arkadin Vision (or Pexip) download this 2Pager and let me know what you like about the service (or don’t like about the service).

Dave Michels