TalkingPointz Premium Subscription


TalkingPointz Insider Subscription is news/analysis service designed to keep readers up-to-date on events, announcements, M&A, and other developments that shape enterprise communications. TalkingPointz travels the world attending corporate and industry events so that you don’t have to.  Senior execs and product marketing professionals alike will appreciate the thoughtful and concise insights.

TalkingPointz Quipz Insider Reports will help you better understand the competitive dynamics, shifts, and waves that are buffeting customers and vendors alike.  They will save you and your team time, and as Einstein proclaimed, “time is money.”

To show you exactly what we are talking about, click here for a recap of Recap for March 2019.  Similar reports are published the first week of every month. Additionally, deep-dive research notes are published about 8 times a year. TalkingPointz Research notes are written in a unique easy to consume Pointz format. 

The annual subscription includes 12 Monthly Insider Reports and ~8 Research Notes for an incredible value of $4980.  Subscribe now, before you are blindsided by your competition. Subscription content can be shared within the subscriber’s organization.

Why TalkingPointz research?

  1. No commercials, no ads, and no awards.
  2. Speed. TalkingPointz is often the first to publish research and opinions after major events.
  3. Ease. As the name implies – TalkingPointz are points, not paragraphs. Easy to consume.
  4. Interactions. The report subscription includes interactions with the author. No one leaves hungry.
  5. Opinion. Not all news is good news. TalkingPointz Research is objective and fair, not fair-weathered analysis.

You can view a sample report here.  

There’s really nothing else quite like it. It’s broadly focused across business comms, highly condensed, skim-able, factual, and opinionated. 

Subscription content is delivered by email, up to two addresses per subscriber. Content can be shared within the subscriber’s organization.

It is easy to subscribe to Quipz. You can do it online with a credit card if you have a PayPal account. Or, request an invoice at quipz at

Billed yearly until cancelled

Dave Michels