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There’s plenty of insight and analysis on TalkingPointz for free, but there’s only so much you can do in a blog post.  There’s much more to  learn in a TalkingPointz Research Note.

TalkingPointz publishes about 8 research notes a year. Some of these company profiles, and some are related to news/announcements.

Why TalkingPointz research?

  1. No commercials, no ads, and no awards.
  2. Speed. TalkingPointz is often the first to publish research and opinions after major events. For example, TalkingPointz research on Microsoft’s Skype to Teams news was published the following Monday after it was announced at Ignite 2017.
    TalkingPointz published a revised outlook on Avaya (and its announcements) a few days after Avaya Engage 2018. This is why a subscription is so important, because freshness matters.
  3. Ease. As the name implies – TalkingPointz are points, not paragraphs. Easy to consume.
  4. Interactions. The report subscription includes interactions with the author. No one leaves hungry.
  5. Opinion. Not all news is good news. TalkingPointz Research is objective and fair, not fair-weathered analysis.

Recent reports include: EC18, Avaya, Vidyo, and Microsoft. About 8 reports are published a year.

You can view a sample report here.  

Included in the TalkingPointz Premium Subscription is the monthly TalkingPointz Quipz newsletter. It’s all premium, subscription content. 

Opinionated News! Staying current across Enterprise Communications has never been easier. Quipz offers factual, meaningful recap of recent news – with a few contextual quipz about why it’s important or not.

The Quipz Newsletter offers a monthly recap of the most important news in enterprise communications. Each Quipz newsletter has everything you need to know regarding messaging, UC/UCaaS, Messaging, Contact Center, Video, and provider-related stories. There’s also a recap of important M&A and other financial tidbits. There’s also a curated list of recommended reading to the month’s interesting reads.

Who should read it? Let’s look at who does: Leadership tips from the the top vendors in the industry, industry consultants, analysts (industry and financial), end users, and channel partners.  Anyone that needs to know what’s going on in enterprise communications.

There’s really nothing else quite like it. It’s broadly focused across business comms, highly condensed, skim-able, factual, and opinionated. 

Sample Quipz Reports:

TalkingPointz Quipz September 2017


Included in the TalkingPoitnz Premium Subscription:

  • 12 monthly Quipz Reports. You can download two samples below. The download examples are full size PDFs. Subscribers will also receive content via email. (up to two accounts per subscription). The Quipz newsletters are also sent to all members of the SCTC).
  • You will also receive about eight TalkingPointz Research Notes per year. These in-depth reports are on companies, products, and announcements.  These tend to run 5-7 pages, and are published timely after major announcements.
  • Inquiries: Got a question about any of subscription content – then Ask Dave! All subscribers are free to inquire and clarify. Complaints must be submitted via telegram.

Who should subscribe? Anyone who needs to stay abreast of the industry.

Subscription content is delivered by email, up to two addresses per subscriber. Content can be shared within the subscriber’s organization.

Subscriptions can be purchased with credit card or PO. Request a quote via email to quipz[at]

Billed yearly until cancelled

Dave Michels