Spark and Skype for Business


I just spent three days at the Cisco Collaboration Summit where the company unveiled a fairly significant vision. It was far too broad to attempt to capture in a 2Pager. In a nutshell, If Cisco delivers on its its expanded service for Spark, which only launched about a year ago, it will become a viable solution for:

  • Enterprise Messaging
  • UCaaS
  • UC cloud-hybrid
  • Conferencing (Audio, Video, and Web)
  • Platform for IoT
  • Platform for developers

And who knows what else – reminds me of the Thneeed in the Lorax.

Cisco’s grand vision of world domination via Spark is a lot to process – Cisco Spark could be a competitive alternative to such divergent companies as Vidyo, 8×8, Zoom, and Twilio.

However, it was Skype for Business that people were thinking about. How does Spark differ from Skype for Business was the most common question in the conversations I overheard. Even that is a tough one for a 2Pager, but I made an attempt anyway.

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Dave Michels