Slack Frontiers 2018


Slack hosted its second user conference last week, and I was able to attend. This was the first Frontiers, in San Francisco, there’s two more coming up: NYC and London. 

The event was well done and provided a good check in, especially regarding Enterprise Grid. The most significant announcement was Enterprise Key Management (EKM) support for Enterprise Grid. There were plenty of other announcements as well as an update on the road map and vision.

My key take away is this company has no intention of slowing down or ceding its leadership to its far larger competitors. Also, Enterprise Grid is forming into a powerful platform.

Slack is onto something something big. For what it’s worth: “There’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.” Slack wants to change the way we work. We’ve heard that from other companies, but most of them also have other products and objectives too. Slack has a monomaniacal focus on improving workflow.

Slack Positioning as Platform

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Dave Michels