ShoreTel to Acquire Corvisa


This one honestly surprised me. While Santa was distracted, ShoreTel decides to buy Corvisa. It surprised me because less than a year ago ShoreTel’s big marketing message was “ShoreTel One.” corvisa

ShoreTel acquired M5 Networks back in 2012 and has been struggling with two platforms (two companies) for most of that time. CEO Joos said enough, and prioritized consolidation efforts including reporting structures and portfolio. There’s been a lot of outcomes from this effort, but the big prize was ShoreTel Connect launched earlier this year. ShoreTel Connect is one platform, with two deployment models, delivered in three ways (prem, cloud, and hybrid). It was a nice message while it lasted.

Meanwhile, Corvisa was building out a new approach to the hosted contact center. Most contact center solutions are applications with some bolt-on APIs. PaaS services can integrate with separate applications. Corvisa created a PaaS and then used it to create a hosted contact center effectively creating a highly extensible service further enhanced with global data centers. It’s a nice offer, and I expected it to draw suitors.

This free 2Pager provides an overview of the deal, background on Corvisa, some competitive information, and conclusions about the acquisition.


Dave Michels