Operators are Zipping By


Most technologies offer a spectrum of options from basic to advanced—and most implementations fall in the middle. With contact centers, though, that’s not the case. Here, organizations gravitate to the extremes. Sophisticated companies use specialized systems that are expensive to acquire and maintain. The rest make do with basic PBX tools such as ACD and hunt groups.

This distribution has not been by choice, but due to a lack of options. However, hosted services are changing that. For the first time, highly specialized call management solutions are available to organizations of any size, without the barrier of an upfront capital investment. Cloud services are replacing a variety of IT infrastructure and applications with simplified click-to-try services, including contact center options. One of these, Zipwire, is a new, advanced, hosted contact center solution from Aspect—a firm that knows a thing or two about state-of-the-art customer interactions.

Aspect has been powering contact centers for over 40 years. Its technology can be found within the most advanced and robust multichannel contact centers on the planet. As a service, Zipwire makes Aspect’s latest technologies accessible to organizations of all sizes.


Paper on Zipwire, by Aspect Software. April 2014

Dave Michels