Mitel Next 2017


I was surprised to be invited to Mitel Elite last month because Mitel hosted an analyst event just last Fall – how much can change?

Turns out quite a bit!

In San Antonio I saw new products planned for later this year, met with new executives (Todd Abbott was nine days old in his new role as EVP Global Sales), and got a much clearer picture on Mitel’s vision. Things are clearing up – and that’s good because I left their last analyst event (last fall in Dallas) confused. Last year there were some big gaps in the story: the new phones weren’t out yet, video had major gaps, the new “IoT strategy” was wishful thinking and under NDA, the contact center was fragmented, and the company was still pretending Mavenir was a strategic part of its vision.

What a difference half a year makes.

Take a look at this new 2Pager on Mitel and let me know if you have any questions.

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Dave Michels