Enhancing and Extending UC Video


Demand is exploding for enterprise video communications. Rather than outfitting a few conference rooms, enterprises now are video-enabling entire workforces through desktop and personal devices. These widespread video solutions often occur as a result of enterprise-wide unified communications (UC) deployments.

The business justification for video has shifted from cost-avoidance to necessary and effective collaboration and productivity improvements. Teams are less formal, and inclusion of both remote and external staff is common. Video enables and facilitates rich communications.

Beyond UC, video-enabled workflow applications also are stimulating growth. The first clear trend centers on premium customer service. However, many other workflow applications are expected to evolve in the near future. For example, various applications are emerging in health care, because video can extend reach and improve efficiencies in unique ways. It is common to leverage a video camera on a laptop or smartphone, but cameras also exist on ATMs, in hospital rooms, on vehicle dashboards, and more. Moreover, the wherewithal to engage via video is expanding exponentially. This is why it is important to ask if reaching every desktop and every pocket is a broad enough vision for enterprise-wide visual communications.


Wainhouse Research Whitepaper sponsored by Vidyo. Jan, 2015.

Dave Michels