Double Your Smartphone Warranty for Free

by Colin Berkshire

The Apple iPhone (and most smartphones) comes with a 1 year parts & labor warranty.

But if you buy your smartphone using many credit cards, and charge the entire price of the iPhone to your credit card, you may have your warranty doubled. Many credit cards have a benefit where the warranty of products purchased with the card is doubled.
This means you would get a 2 year warranty on an iPhone. (But only if you charge the entire amount of the phone to your card as a single payment.)

This is a powerful reason to NOT enroll in Apple’s upgrade program. The reason is that since you make monthly payments under the upgrade program you are not charging the entire purchase to your card at one time, and therefore you don’t get the doubled warranty benefit.

Whether this warranty doubling is available on your card may vary, but most cards at the “Visa Signature” level or higher will get the benefit. You don’t need to do anything (although you are able to pre-register the device.) If you don’t pre-register then you need to keep the warranty statement, the charge receipt, and your billing statement.

This warranty benefit applies to all of your purchases (on an appropriate card), so it also will cover TV sets, washing machines, and plants that you purchase at Lowes (and later kill by forgetting to water).

Few people know about this benefit. I’ve used it a few times and while a bit of a paperwork hassle, it is a genuine benefit.

So don’t finance your iPhone or use the Apple Upgrade Program. Buy your phone and get double the warranty for free.