Dialpad Wins Race to Zero


This week Dialpad, a UCaaS provider, launched a free service. Free may seem like old-hat, but it’s not.

Most free services do not include a PSTN capability – also known as a phone number. Of course, there’s lots of restrictions, but if you happen to be a small company with 5 or less employees that don’t make a lot of calls – this could be the perfect plan for you.

I love the term Race to the Bottom or Race to Zero. We also know that technology generally gets less expensive (cell phones excepted) over time. There’s an inherent advantage to be the first with the lower price, but with lower prices comes lower margins and profits. If you lose the race, it’s over – and unfortunately if you win it can be over too.

Consultant extraordinaire has taught me a lot about competitive pressures – the race to zero, and how only the paranoid survive. So, when I saw Dialpad’s news – I thought it was time to chat with Marty.


Dialpad Declares Victory over Death of Desk Phone,
Says It

Dave Michels