Danger Will Robinson


The new next big thing is Telepresence robots. At least that’s what some people think. I think not. With any luck, telepresence robots are currently experiencing their peak in popularity. That probably isn’t the case – telepresence robots may become the perfect yardstick for ego measurement, but I seriously doubt they will positively impact productivity.

With VoIP, web technologies, thin clients, and collaboration tools remote productivity has been steadily increasing. A decade ago remote workers were out of the loop. Tolerated, but never encouraged. Today, it seem pretty common – even people that still work in the office are often collaborating with remote contributors.”Teleworking” moved from futuristic to a common happenstance within a decade.

Several new companies are betting these remote workers will create a business opportunity for improved ways to interact with the folks at the office. Even with videoconferencing technologies – most remote workers rarely get to see things outside the conference room. They are missing out on important venues such as office corridors, water coolers, break rooms, rest rooms, and other

Dave Michels