Covid to End in 15 Months

by Colin Berkshire

We’re all hunkering down for the long haul of living with Covid.

But it may not go that way. It may just end. Abruptly.

Covid-19 is a coronavirus, just like SARS and MERS. Every variant of Covid-19 is a coronavirus, too. Coronaviruses are quirky, which is why no successful vaccine was developed for SARS or MERS. In fact, the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine was actually mostly developed to treat SARS, which is why we were able to develop it so quickly. But we never got to test the vaccine on humans because SARS just went away first.

Now, a funny thing about coronaviruses is that they just sort of go away, spontaneously. We didn’t eradicate SARS, it just quit. And, the same thing with MERS. Coronaviruses seem to do this and nobody really knows how or why.

It hasn’t made headlines but the original Wuhan strain of Covid (known as the “L” strain) has done the same thing. The “L” strain is almost entirely gone, spontaneously.

Next was the “S” strain. Now, it is almost entirely gone, spontaneously. Then, there was the “V” strain and it is nearing self-destruction.

This brings us to the “G” strain and it gets a little messy as there seems to be as many naming variations as sub-variants. But we know this latest branch by greek letters such as “Delta”.

What we know is that as long as there are viable variants we will continue to have Covid. And, we know that Covid-19 is particularly good at developing viable variants. But we also know that unless Covid-19 can jump from one body to the next every 10 days it will die off. And, for the most part it can’t jump back to any body that has had it or any variant. Covid-19 is therefore in a trap: it must perform the impossible task of jumping people every 10 days AND must develop a viable variant periodically. And, many of these variants still cannot go back to any previously used body. It’s a losing game in the end.

Coronaviruses spontaneously self-destruct after 18 to 24 months for reasons we don’t understand. At least so far they always have. And, the population pool of viable host-persons is decreasing, and the number of viable variants is actually becoming less and less frequent.

Now, if another good viable variant beyond Delta takes off we need to go another cycle. It’s hard to speculate if that will happen or not. But even if it does then the number of viable host-persons is still decreasing.

This leads me to speculate that there is a Covid-19 end-game sooner than later. And, as far as I can tell nobody seems to see this coming.

It’s a hard one to call, but…

There is very real reason to believe that this Covid-19 nightmare is going to come to a whimpering end, very possibly around the end of 2022.