Corvisa in Queue at ShoreTel

by Dave Michels

Twas a few nights before Christmas when ShoreTel announced its intent to acquire Corvisa, a Milwaukee, WI-based hosted provider. Corvisa is an unusal cat. It’s part UCaaS, part PaaS, and part carrier.

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PaaS and contact center is an emerging overlap.

Contact Center experiences are usually frustrating. Why don’t organizations just customize their implementations to fit the needs of their customers? In many cases they can’t. Contact centers, like jeans, just never seem to fit right. They come in every size, shape, and color except the one that is needed. This leaves organizations with a decision that favors two extremes: force fitting a generic application or build a completely custom solution.

Corvisa first invested its efforts in a core technology platform that includes a robust set of APIs, This became known as the Summit Platform – a PaaS. Then they used Summit to build telephony applications including UCaaS and Contact Center. While neither the PaaS nor the Contact Center solution may be industry leading, together they create compelling and unique value as a highly extensible contact center that is inherently flexible.

This all matters because the contact center is the killer app for cloud telephony.

Contact centers are becoming much less about call flow and much more about integrating with other apps and services. The smartphone and the web are changing how we interact – and interaction is changing to include conversations between machines. Integration, mobility, IoT, cloud, and global expansion are transforming the contact center, and Corvisa was already heading down these paths.

Corvisa also offers SIP trunking and networks to top tier data center locations in the US and Europe.

I think ShoreTel’s move into this space was intriguing enough to warrant a 2Pager. Check it out here.

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