Conversation with gUnify

by Dave Michels

Crisantos Hajibrahim is the founder and CEO of gUnify which brings enterprise UC to Google Apps. Actually, gUnify is a “middleware” company. It is a pure cloud play, and enables service providers to integrate with Google Apps. There is no shortage of UC solutions that integrate with Microsoft Exchange, but integrating with Google Apps is trickier. The problem is Google Apps runs in a browser, so what exactly do you interface? gUnify thunk this through and created a clever solution that connects multiple clouds: Google Apps and a BroadSoft based service providers are where gUnify began, but it spread to include other popular cloud service such as ZenDesk and Salesforce, as well as UCaaS solutions beyond BroadSoft (soon).

I asked Cristantos to a Google Hangout, and asked him a few questions.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about gUnify. I believe they are on to something.