Broadsoft Connections 2018

by Dave Michels

Cisco-BroadSoft hosted its Annual Connections Conference right on schedule. This was the first official opportunity to hear how things are changing since the acquisition which was announced a year ago at Connections 2017.

I am happy to say I got most of it right in this Unauthorized FAQ (Nov 2017).

If you were expecting a big reveal of the master plan, this wasn’t the event. Connections is aimed at service providers. Voice savvy service providers now equipped with Webex.

While Cisco has plenty of experience selling to service providers, working them as channel partners is something new. Cisco is wisely approaching this cautiously. I was expecting a heavier hand, but Cisco is leading with the carrot – specifically the Cisco enterprise sales force.

The first (baby) step is Flex along with a clear vision for enterprise communications. More steps are expected.

Here’s my post-event, on-site video with initial thoughts.

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