Confused About WebRTC?

by Dave Michels

Many people think that I am opposed to WebRTC. That’s ridiculous. What’s there to be opposed to? A free and open standard that facilitates rich visual communications in clients and browsers. I’m opposed to this, not.

The reason I get the Anti-RTC label is because I refuse to participate in the hype. For over five years WebRTC has been “a year away” from being mainstream. I’ve consistently been advising that people lower their (time-frame) expectations.

Well, the good news is we are on the threshold of crossing from hype to reality. Perhaps WebRTC really is just a year away. Not only am I seeing many more applications, but they actually work.

Problem: What is it? 

Here’s the new problem: No one really knows what WebRTC is.

Is it free? Not necessarily. WebRTC conferencing (multiple parties) isn’t trivial either. It’s also not an us vs. them proposition with the established video vendors.

  • Here’s some questions to ponder: Is WebRTC an API or network technology?
  • Is it a solution or a service? Is it hardware or software?
  • Can it be used with a phone system?

WebRTC is held back in part because it’s so difficult to have an intelligent conversation – no two people actually agree on how to spell it.

If you want to learn about WebRTC – where do you go? Conferences are simultaneously too shallow and too deep. Classes are hit and miss. The tech is so dynamic, that classes are often obsolete.

Solution: Tsahi 

I met Tsahi Levent-Levi way back at (pre-Avaya) Radvision. He is the very person I go to when I need straight answers on WebRTC. He maintains which is the opus voice of WebRTC and visual communications.

Tsahi created an on-demand class that explains WebRTC. It’s about 20 hours long divided into some 40 lessons. It’s self-paced and includes homework and live support.

No more excuses. If you need or want to learn about WebRTC, then this is the best value and approach.

Enroll here: