Coming Soon: UC Talking Pointz

by Dave Michels

Coming soon are incredible new UC research reports – in-depth, detailed, articulate research written by me. TalkingPointz in depth UC research is coming soon. TalkingPointz reports offer deep discerning research into specific brands and solutions.

Unified communications continue to radically transform the notion of business communications. The vendors, technologies, and solutions (Nortel, Yellow Pages, Skype, Calling Cards) have undergone significant changes, and the rate of change isn’t slowing. As the work force becomes more connected and more distributed, it seems we have a lot more to say. Voice may be decreasing in importance as newer communication modes enter the mainstream, but the overall importance of communications is sky rocketing. The IT challenge to deliver reliable, secure, cheap, available, mutli-modal, ubiquitous communications is increasing in complexity. Voice and email were plumbing – UC is central to an organization’s IT strategy.

Five years ago, purchasing a new PBX wasn’t very complicated. The brands didn’t have huge feature disparities, the prices were similar, and the core value proposition was well understood. It often boiled down to personal preferences around dealer or endpoints. Today, things are a bit more complicated. The vendors are not trying to match each other as much as create unique value propositions and are optimizing totally different capabilities. The vendors are actually competitively growing apart via various forms of product specialization. IT decision makers, with full time ‘other’ responsibilities can’t be expected to sort-out this UC stuff without assistance. Not just the differences between brands, but understanding the possibilities of what’s even possible.  

TalkingPointz research reports offer an in-depth examination of a single solution. The reports provide prospective buyers information they need to fully understand the potential of the purchase, and how to maximize its features and capabilities. Unlike voice, unified communications potentially touches everything – certainly phones, servers, desktops, but potentially mobile apps, social nets, video systems, conferencing and collaboration, and core business applications. IT leaders need to go into these strategic decisions armed to the teeth with objective information.

While there is no apparent shortage of analyst services, TalkingPointz offers a unique angle. Most of the big brands offer services though subscriptions and target very large companies. Those subscriptions cover multiple products and technologies. Most don’t offer individual reports, and those that do price them prohibitively to favor the subscriptions. TalkingPointz focuses on just one topic – unified communications and focuses on a single vendor or solution in each report. The initial reports are about 40 pages.

TalkingPointz research offers self-service, on-demand, extensive research and opinion. No subscriptions, no operators standing by, no recordings or reassurances of how important your call is, and no account manager. Purchases are confidential. The reports simply provide candid, objective, and balanced information.

The initial two reports, Mitel and NEC are being finalized and will be available soon. Aastra, ShoreTel and Cisco are planned for the Q1-11. TalkingPointz reports are not sponsored or commissioned. Watch here for additional details,