Cloud Series 4: Cloud Punishment

by Dave Michels

This post is part of a multipart series on the cloud telephony.

Part 1 The Cloud
Part 2 Cloud Computing
Part 3 Why the Cloud Now

Part 4: PUNishment

Part of all this hype about clouds is the deep pool of puns cloud computing offers. It really is a bit amazing for such an incredibly dry subject to have so many puns available. The irony of it all is that is there so much truth to all these puns. Here is a collection of puns with a brief discussion:

Forecast: Cloudy: Simple and to the point and highly accurate. Cloud computing is going to move from cutting edge to defecto standard very swiftly.

Nebulous: A wonderful way of describing the reality of cloud computing. There are so many definitions and permutations of the cloud, that the very use of the word creates a numbness or fuzziness to the brain.

The Cloud is full of Vapor“: As with any cutting edge technology, cloud computing is depending on technology that isn’t quite there yet. It’s coming though, really. In fact, you can purchase it now.

Rorschach Clouds: Who needs ink blots? People see all kinds of things when describing Clouds. Some see opportunities some see threats. Few people see the same thing despite the total conviction of clarity from the person describing it.

Cloud Telephony Demystified“: An Oxymoron on multiple levels.

Head in the Clouds: Describes the actions and thought processes of someone procrastinating solutions and decisions today because of potential new capabilities coming.

Rainmaker: Clouds hold water, and that water turns into rain emptying the cloud. Therefore a Rainmaker is someone that drains the life out of a cloud offering.

Scattered Clouds: This is the concept of having data and services spread-out and interconnected. For example, using multiple cloud providers and gateways to create a single solution – say a hosted phone system interconnected to a hosted CRM, that utilizes a real T1 via a SIP Gateway at a branch office.

The Cloud Will Reign Supreme: This is a clever pun with Reign and Rein – Royal Authority to control an animal. When the king’s horse walks on pavement, its hooves make a “Thundering” noise.

The reality is my definitions are as good as any of the 16 cloud definitions I read from the past 4 blogsites.

More serious cloud stuff coming.

Did I miss any important cloud puns?