Cloud Communications Summit

by Dave Michels

Coming up in a few week is the Cloud Communications Summit, taking place at ITEXPO West in Austin September 13-15. There is no doubt in my mind that the Cloud Communications Summit will be the best of the simultaneous events/tracks taking place at ITExpo. Why am I so confident? Well for one, Thomas Howe. Thomas is the official moderator of the event and has been since the summit was created (I also worked with Thomas on the Summit last January in Miami).

Thomas is an unusual cross between a savvy communications developer and a passionate teacher. The summit is where both sides shine (just don’t get him going on paprika). Thomas joined-up with Embrase this year, so now its the Thomas, Larry, and Phillippe show which is a lot of telecom technical and marketing depth. All that depth and brilliance led them to call me for assistance 🙂

We brainstormed some ideas on how to keep the show current and relevant – ITExpos happen twice a year, so we didn’t want to put on the same show we did in Miami. We came up some clever and innovative ideas, so Cloud Comm won’t be the typical talking heads about stuff you already knew event. We reduced the number of panels and added in some new formats.

Two that stand out to me:

A socratic discussion or case study on the evaluation and implementation of a cloud solution. What Can Possibly Go Wrong? This is unique for two reasons, starting with the panel is the audience. In the past summits, I’ve been very impressed with the minds in the room, so let’s put them to work. Secondly, the typical panel discussion tends to imply nothing goes wrong. We know this not to be true so walk into things eyes wide open. This session will crowd-source some perspective, experience, and solutions. We will cover some tough issues and invite debate.

Another session of interest will be Tech Speed Dating. There is so much going on in telecom, the cloud, unified communications, security and more that its difficult to keep up. But who the hell wants to go to a conference on say Wideband Audio or IPv6? That sounds worse than a blind date. That’s it! The solution to long boring dates is Speed Dating – everything you needed to know but was afraid to ask in minutes. So we’ve invited experts to talk quickly about specific topics with the title:

Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About _____.

Michael Graves, a phenomenal blogger, will cover HD Voice, an area of expertise.
Dan York will hit IPv6 – something he knows a bit about.
Jeff Rodman, Polycom CTO and Co-Founder will share what’s new in tele-video.
Thomas Howe will share the ABCs of APIs.

Check out the full conference schedule here.

Couple pricing notes: For those who can only make a day this year, there is a new one day pass, and for those planning to spend the three days with us, I’m including a discount code for 50% off good through the end of this week (use code CCES).
Cloud Communications Summit Registration.