by Dave Michels

Cisco’s Collaboration Summit last week was a major event. So major, John Chambers personally showed up this year. Kind of ironic, lately Mr. Chambers has relied on video instead of personal appearances as an attempt to reduce travel and demonstrate video presence. This time he personally delivered a very important message: that video is the way to go.

But seriously folks, it was a major event. Alan Sulkin wrote:

“Last week’s Collaboration launch was BIG, because Cisco made it big. A fellow consultant said to me that it was an event he would remember as an industry turning point, and I concur. The Cisco Collaboration launch may have as major an impact on the market as the Avaya acquisition of Nortel.”

I am not certain I agree with that magnitude, but I do agree it was big – there has been quite a bit of coverage of the event, including my post “CisCollaboration” at There are several great posts at both and

The reason the event was so significant is because Cisco clearly outlined a clear vision for a comprehensive unified communications collaboration solution. It is fairly bold and comprehensive – including about 60 announcements.

Please take a look at the post CisCollaborationat for some of the key announcements.