Cisco 3000- Upcoming Webinar

by Dave Michels

Cisco is getting pretty close to releasing its new Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 3000 phone system.

This phone system represents a new strategy for Cisco – Simple and Cheap.

With power comes complexity – this is fairly evident with the Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 5000 and 6000 products. These robust platforms require multiple servers and CCIEs to implement. They get sold though channel partners with all the appropriate Cisco voice certifications. The portfolio has done well for Cisco – contributing to Cisco’s market leadership position. But it is overkill for a large portion of the mid market -multiple vendors compete to to fill that gap.

For small business users, Cisco offers the UC 500 and several hosted players use Cisco phones.

The Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 3000 is simple! Cisco uses the term “Foundational UC” to distinguish it from its other UC solutions. Foundational is a four syllable word for basic – bottom line is companies that require more can still go with the 5000 or 6000, but companies that are largely voice centric or legacy will find the 3000 a bargain.

Through Focus, Blair Pleasant and I did a research report on the 3000, and On June 7, we will also be doing a webinar about it.

The webinar is aimed at end-user prospects, but the 3000 represents a significant channel opportunity for Cisco Resellers as well. The 3000 is a low bar path to voice for Cisco Select Partners – the requirements to become authorized for Select dealers are fairly reasonable. There are about 9,000 Cisco Select Partners!


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