China Will Dazzle You

by Colin Berkshire

The largest pool of venture capital is no longer in the United States. It is in China. They have the largest venture capital funds. They total more than $250 Billion.

Here is a great 2 minute eye opener about China:

China’s economy is growing at almost 10% per year, compared with our 3% growth.

China has more billionaires than all of these countries combined: United kingdom, Italy, Canada, France, Japan, Spain, Singapore, UAE, and 55 other countries.

What do you think of when you think of the car maker Volvo? Do you think of China? Because they are 100% Chinese owned now.

Go to AMC theaters? They are 100% Chinese.

Legendary Entertainment (the move production company) is Chinese.

The Walforf Astoria Hotel in NYC is Chinese owned.

Motorola Mobility is Chinese owned.

Ingram Micro, the electronics distributor is Chinese.

GE Appliances are owned by China.

A123, the Li-ion battery maker is Chinese owned.

I am sure I have missed a hundred major brands China owns (like SAAB.)

We buy manufactured goods from China, and they buy our industries with the money we give them.

Fortunately some brands remain out of China’s Clutches, like Jaguar and Land Rover. (Those are owned by India.)