Cell Phone Radiation – Blah Blah Blah

by Dave Michels

The big story this week is the same as the big story for the past few decades – that cell phones may not be good for us. Specifically, cell phone radiation may cause cancer. This was concluded this time by a World Health Organization commissioned study (WHO are they?). 

The most compelling evidence cited by the WHO is a multi-country study that found people who used cell phones most often, an average of 30 minutes per day over 10 years, had a 40 percent higher risk for a rare brain tumor called a glioma.

You can pry this smart phone from my cold dead hands. 
There is nothing more important than smart phones – and don’t think medical scares – even proof of danger will diminish their popularity. Yes, I know cancer is on the rise, and so is diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. That just proves  health isn’t important – certainly not when compared to smart phones. So what if you become bed ridden, at least you will be connected. Maybe even earn a badge for Chemo. Carpe dialem I say. 

Feel free to ignore the propaganda. It is all part of a conspiracy to take away things we like. It started with sugar, then salt, and more recently just about everything else including fossil fuels, Styrofoam, air conditioning, airline service, aerosol sprays, a vibrant economy, and so on. 

I’m on my third smart phone in less than two years, and shopping for another. Don’t waste my time with boring 10 year studies – have you seen the resolution on the newest Samsung? I can’t believe I bought a phone without NFC. I hear the next year’s model will have an air pressure sensor to determine which floor of a building (hospital) you are on. 

“Help, I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up”, but at least I can watch Netflix while I’m waiting for assistance. 

Smart phones and mobility are probably already a bigger industry than healthcare, and smart phones take no prisoners. Bet on mobile phones for easy money. 

  • Pagers
  • PDA
  • Walkie-Talkies (including FRS)
  • CB Radios?
  • Highway Call Boxes
  • Answering Machines
  • Paper Calendar (Franklin types)
  • Pay Phones
  • Land Lines
  • Portable Game Players
  • Highway Call Boxes
  • Portable Music Players
  • Watches
  • Voice Recorders
  • Entry-Level cameras
  • Money
  • Navigation systems
Do you think personal health stands a chance against these devices? Mobile phones are harder to kill than cockroaches (maybe the radiation will get the bugs too).  Keep in mind there is some doubt as the wireless industry responded to the announcement saying it “does not mean cell phones cause cancer.”  

I suggest they just stick a warning on cell phones, that worked well for tobacco.