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TalkingHeadz Season 2

The first TalkingHeadz for Season 2 is What’s Next Jason Goecke? First, a few wordz about our new podcast format....

Industry Consolidation Podcast

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Dave Michels moderates a discussion with the UCStrategies Experts about the recent consolidation activity – actual and speculation – in...

Can We Solve the Tower of Babel That is Text?

In this UCStrategies Industry Buzz podcast, Michael Finneran contends that text is the single most important and widely used medium of communications to have emerged in the past 20 years, but that it is about the farthest thing from an "integrated network” that has ever existed. The conversation includes Experts Phil Edholm, Joseph Williams, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, JR Simmons, Roberta Fox, and Dave Michels.

NEC’s IT Advantage

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the recently held NEC Advantage conference, at which several members of the team were in attendance. Dave Michels moderates, and is joined by Jon Arnold, JR Simmons, Steve Leaden, Michael Finneran, Dr. Joseph Williams and Phil Edholm.

Workstream Messaging and UC

In this Industry Buzz podcast, moderator Dave Michels and the UCStrategies team take on the topic of workstream messaging and its impact on communications and collaboration, and discuss some of the new players making inroads in the enterprise. Partipating in the roundtable are Experts Blair Pleasant, Kevin Kieller, Dr. Joseph Williams, and Simon Dudley.

BCOM – An Update on Succeeding in UC from Enterprise Connect

In this Industry Buzz Podcast, UCStrategies welcomes two guests to the conversation to discuss BCOM ((Business Communications Operations Management). Edouard de Fonclare, CEO of Kurmi Software and Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager of VOSS Solutions, join UCStrategies Experts Phil Edholm, Dr. Joseph Williams, Steve Leaden, Michael Finneran, Blair Pleasant and Roberta J. Fox.

Mitel’s Acquisition of Polycom: UCStrategies’ Reaction

In this week's Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts debate the Mitel acquisition of Polycom. Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, and is joined by Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Roberta Fox, Jon Arnold, Dr. Joseph Williams, Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, and Steve Leaden.

Interoperability: A Dream or Reality?

In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies tackles the topic of interoperability with guests from tekVizion: Chakra Devalla, CEO, and Tracy Venters, Evangelist. Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, which includes Phil Edholm, Steve Leaden, Michael Finneran, Kevin Kieller, Marty Parker, Don Van Doren, Simon Dudley, and Dr. Joseph Williams.

Interview with Unify’s New CEO, Jon Pritchard

I had a chance to speak with Unify CEO Jon Pritchard about his new position and his plans for Unify going forward. He notes that the future of Unify is now very secure, and that customers will see increased capabilities and service improvement.

UCStrategies Debate: Is Presence Dead?

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts debate a topic posed in an recent NoJitter article by Dr. Brent Kelly, The Death of Presence. Phil Edholm moderates the conversation, which includes Experts Roberta J. Fox, Jon Arnold, Dr. Joseph Williams, Steve Leaden, Art Rosenberg, J.R. Simmons, and Michael Finneran.

Reflections on the Unify Global Analyst Conference

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the recent Unify Global Analyst Conference. Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, with Experts Steve Leaden, Dave Stein, Dave Michels, Jon Arnold, Dr. Joseph Williams, Marty Parker, and Phil Edholm.

NEC’s Path to the Cloud

Jay Krauser, Director, Business Development Cloud Services for NEC, speaks with UCStrategies’ Jim Burton about NEC’s move into cloud communications and the value of stability.