The History of the Dial Pad

The history of the Touch-Tone dial is remarkably complicated and fascinating. Today we all know the 12 button dial with 123 at the top and * and # in the bottom left and right. (Why aren’t there emojis for Touch-Tone…

Digital Transformation and Toasters

I recently wrote about digital transformation on NoJitter, and wanted to post here some clarifying examples. The point I want to emphasize is that every industry is now based on software. People get confused on this. I often hear “you…

Real-Time, Recorded Week 5 2021

For Week 5, Zeus and I discuss the news and results from Poly, news from Zoom, and Microsoft’s new Viva app.  

Bell Divestiture & Un-Divestiture

What this diagram says to me is that AT&T got it completely wrong in the way they divested themselves in 1983. The fact that it smashed apart and then all came back together is evidence of that. It is important…

‘Viva’ Teams

Microsoft launches employee experience platform, with Teams playing a central role in this new approach to employee engagement.

Real Time, Recorded Week 4 2021

We cover Talkdesk pandemic programs, 8×8 results, pandemic winners  

Widespread Internet Outrages hit Northeast US

People should be outraged by this. The Internet was designed to be robust, self healing, unstoppable. It was designed so if one route blocked traffic would get rerouted around the blockage. That was the most fundamental design principle. The Internet…

Digital Transformation is Calling…You Must Answer

The real opportunities lie in business model changes.

Digital Transformation is Calling…You Must Answer

The real opportunities lie in business model changes.

Unify Office by RingCentral Lands in the U.S.

RingCentral’s strategic partnerships share many similarities, but the one with Atos has two major differentiators.

My 2020

Every year I write an Annual Report. It catalogs the year’s adventures around analyst events as well as attempts to pull together some themes and observations. 2020 was a very strange year. Other than a few regional van trips, I…

US Carriers Should Invent Great Service

Here’s an idea for US Cellular companies: Offer customers full access to all networks for truly great service. There is no longer any technical reason why your phone cannot access and roam to all towers on all companies. Since all…

Real Time Recorded, Week 2 2021

Dialpad SLA now promises it will try harder Logitech Rally goes Bar Rapid Fire: CMOs x 2 + 1 CISO, Unify Office USA, Td AWS., CES. ZM 1M.      

UnCarrier is Uncool

T-Mobile is no longer the un-carrier. John Legere the inspired rule-breaking maverick executive that led T-Mobile from being a broken down jalopy to the industry leading cellular company is gone. The suit-and-tie folks are now fully back in charge and…

Content Moderation at Work

Many of the rules affecting social media also pertain to enterprise communications. Censorship, net neutrality, and antitrust are hot topics of conversation.

Real-Time Recorded, Week 1 2021

Week 1 2021 was a bit light in terms of enterprise comms news, though a huge week for social media. Twitter and Facebook have had a difficult time with the President’s use of social media. On one hand he is…

2020 Hindsight

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on just how crappy 2020 was. Actually, all things considered, it was actually a very positive year. .Enterprise communications and collaboration became the most urgent matter to companies around…

How to de-Fi your iPhone

I have a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. The main selling feature for me was the dual-SIM capability. I travel internationally a lot (Or, I did before we went into mass-hysteria mode.) So having my main SIM and a local…

The Top 10 UC Acquisitions of 2020

From Salesforce buying Slack to Verizon purchasing BlueJeans, 2020 has been another notable year for acquisitions.

Thoughts on iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 7 Plus

I upgraded my five year old iPhone 7 Plus for a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. I got a $1,500 model with maximum RAM. It is genuinely surprising how little the iPhone has changed in five years. Here are my…