The Need for Speed in UCaaS

Automated testing is a critical step toward rapid innovation.

Examining the Magic Quadrant for UCaaS

Zoom joins the Leader Quadrant, alongside 8×8, Cisco, Microsoft, and RingCentral.  

Apple Silicon

I am pretty stunned by Apple’s M1 “Apple Silicon” processor announcement. In a surprisingly good way. I’ll start with the conclusion: Apple seems to have developed a superb, outstanding, brilliant, design. This could be a genuine game changer for Apple…

Everyone Get Back to the Office

Today was a busy news day. Kind of makes sense because last week everything came to a halt so we can watch the election. Without doubt, the biggest news day was from Pfizer. This story is from Yahoo!, but it’s…

Gartner MQ for Meetings

Gartner issued its Magic Quadrant for Meetings this month. It included 15 providers, three of which were declared Leaders: Microsoft, Cisco, and Zoom. Each has bragging rights. The three were clustered together well apart from the others.  It was a…

Virtual Events are Unreal and Here to Stay

But there’s hope they will improve.

3 Ways Contact Centers Will Be Different in the Future

Soon, they’ll be missing three big things: hold, operating hours, and the PSTN.

A Look at the Facebook Portal

I continue down my pandemic-inspired path of reviewing video solutions, this time with the Facebook Portal. I previously took a look at the Poly Eagle Eye webcam and the Cisco Desk Pro, there’s more to come. The Facebook Portal is one…

It’s Time to Require Mandatory Roaming

COVID-19 has painfully made me aware of howe terrible the US Cellular network is. It is frustrating beyond polite words to have garbled text, “Call Failed” and one-way audio when conducting business. Yet, this happens to me every day. I…

Put Microsoft Teams Displays on Hold

It’s a logical portfolio addition that contains some clever features, but the software seems too limited.

Let’s Re-Open the Economy

Harvard has revealed how we can do it. Let me extrapolate how it would work: Whenever you go out in public you take a COVID-19 quick test. That test is your 24 hour pass to go to work, to go…

COVID-19’s Aftermath for Enterprise Communications

For the half a dozen decades that I have lived we have debated whether the world will evolve so that there is no need to commute, where we can all sit at home and do our jobs while being linked…

Review: Cisco Desk Pro

At 17 minutes, this is the longest review I have posted. That’s because the Desk Pro is a sophisticated product with numerous use cases. One thing I didn’t mention in the video is Desk Pro admin is all done from…

Five9 Removing Barriers to Useful AI

Five9 made several AI announcements this week geared at improving and expanding contact center AI implementations.

Epic App Store Fight

Apple’s App Store monopoly is being attacked again! This time by Epic, last time by Basecamp, and previous times by Netflix, Match, Spotify, and I’m sure others. It’s a complex battle with sound arguments on both sides. So, in this…

UC Has Become Meaningless: Here’s Why

The distinctions between unified and integrated communications have become blurry.

UC Has Become Meaningless: Here’s Why

The distinctions between unified and integrated communications have become blurry.

Review: Poly EagleEye Cube USB Webcam

2020 is the year of staying home and doing video meetings – and actually, that’s ok with me. I’ve got several reviews coming with various video devices. Let’s start things up with an extraordinary, Borg-like, USB webcam for rooms: The…

6 Reasons Why Zoom is Winning the Video Race

Catering to both consumer and enterprise customers and providing a simple to use video solution are just a couple of reasons why Zoom has pulled ahead.

DialPad Nabs Highfive

Dialpad doubles down on video as it tries to catch up to major UCaaS providers.