US Carriers Should Invent Great Service

Here’s an idea for US Cellular companies: Offer customers full access to all networks for truly great service. There is no longer any technical reason why your phone cannot access and roam to all towers on all companies. Since all…

Real Time Recorded, Week 2 2021

Dialpad SLA now promises it will try harder Logitech Rally goes Bar Rapid Fire: CMOs x 2 + 1 CISO, Unify Office USA, Td AWS., CES. ZM 1M.      

UnCarrier is Uncool

T-Mobile is no longer the un-carrier. John Legere the inspired rule-breaking maverick executive that led T-Mobile from being a broken down jalopy to the industry leading cellular company is gone. The suit-and-tie folks are now fully back in charge and…

Content Moderation at Work

Many of the rules affecting social media also pertain to enterprise communications. Censorship, net neutrality, and antitrust are hot topics of conversation.

Real-Time Recorded, Week 1 2021

Week 1 2021 was a bit light in terms of enterprise comms news, though a huge week for social media. Twitter and Facebook have had a difficult time with the President’s use of social media. On one hand he is…

2020 Hindsight

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on just how crappy 2020 was. Actually, all things considered, it was actually a very positive year. .Enterprise communications and collaboration became the most urgent matter to companies around…

How to de-Fi your iPhone

I have a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. The main selling feature for me was the dual-SIM capability. I travel internationally a lot (Or, I did before we went into mass-hysteria mode.) So having my main SIM and a local…

The Top 10 UC Acquisitions of 2020

From Salesforce buying Slack to Verizon purchasing BlueJeans, 2020 has been another notable year for acquisitions.

Thoughts on iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 7 Plus

I upgraded my five year old iPhone 7 Plus for a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. I got a $1,500 model with maximum RAM. It is genuinely surprising how little the iPhone has changed in five years. Here are my…

Google Fi Fumbles on iOS

I was very excited when I upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus to a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. The biggest, most exciting feature was dual SIM capability. It was exciting because I could use Google-Fi for international traveling and also…

Evolution of CPaaS: Voice is Next

Voice-enabled services will be predominantly cloud-delivered from providers of UCaaS, CPaaS, or both. Let’s look at the evidence.

Cisco to Acquire IMImobile

A day before WebexOne, Cisco Collaboration announces its intent to acquire IMImobile.  The purchase price is approximately $730M USD. Analysts were briefed on the upcoming announcements at WebexOne last week, but there were clearly a few gaps in the story…

No Thanks on the MagSafe

My wife and I upgraded recently to iPhone 12 Pro Max phones. It was exciting since we were on iPhone 7+ and 6+ phones. One of the big selling features was wireless charging. So we gave it a try and…

CenturyLink Gigabit Fiber is Amazing

Like pretty much all of Comcast’s customers, I hate Comcast. It seems to be the fundamental teaching in MBA school that you aren’t a good manager unless you get all of your customers to hate you. So when I learned…

Mitel CEO Sets Sights on the Mid-Market

Mary McDowell recaps 2020 in this Q&A.

The Top 5 Turkeys of Enterprise Communications in 2020

There’s an awesome channel on YouTube called Real-Time, Connected. Normally, Zeus and I offer a few thoughts (about 10 minutes) on the week’s news. There wasn’t much news on Thanksgiving week so we instead discussed the turkeys of enterprise comms…

Verizon Wireless for $25/mo

I could never have imagined that Verizon could make shopping for a cellular plan more complicated. But in the past several years they have found ways to make it so utterly complicated that even Verizon can’t keep their facts straight….

Covid-19 Kills The Video Star

During the Dolby Labs Q4 2020 Earnings Call, President and CEO Kevin Yeaman announced that Dolby is exiting conference hardware: “Going forward into Q1, we’re winding down and exiting conferencing hardware sales, as we will now be fully focused on…

The Need for Speed in UCaaS

Automated testing is a critical step toward rapid innovation.

Examining the Magic Quadrant for UCaaS

Zoom joins the Leader Quadrant, alongside 8×8, Cisco, Microsoft, and RingCentral.