RingCentral, Bandwidth Forge BYOC Partnership

Modularization of UCaaS services is emerging as the new best-of-breed opportunity, as evidenced in this latest example of the decoupling of carrier services from UC.

Understanding Speedtest

Alternative title: Why you can’t actually use your cell phone’s data plan. There’s one great misunderstanding that most people have about speedtest: that your download speed isn’t controlled by your upload speed. Consider the speedtest shown in the photo. Looks…

Dialpad Closes Meetings Gap

UCaaS provider parlays video elements from Highfive acquisition plus voice smarts to push ahead on meetings, adds informal collaboration tool, and more.

I loved Google Fi So I Let It Go

I tried Google Fi. I really wanted it to work. The idea of just having a simple, straightforward plan was appealing. What I found was that it was expensive and worked very poorly on an iPhone. It was not a…

The Moth and the Candle and 5G

If I could describe the mindset of telephone companies it would be the story of the moth and the candle. In May, AT&T announced with great fanfare that it is back to being a telephone company again: AT&T to refocus…

What’s AWS Conveying With Its Acquisition of Wickr?

As it looks to differentiate its service, AWS focuses on privacy and encryption with its latest acquisition.

What’s AWS Conveying With Its Acquisition of Wickr?

As it looks to differentiate its service, AWS focuses on privacy and encryption with its latest acquisition.

The Composable Contact Center Fosters Change

CCaaS continues to rapidly evolve, and the next step is composability.

Top Secret

It turns out that some people actually have secrets. I don’t. I regularly share every thought via videos, tweets, and posts. Or do? We all have secrets. Some are more interesting than others. If our emails and chats became public,…

Virtual Events Suck

I typically attend about 15 industry analyst events a year. Probably even more over the past 12 months, but who knows? It’s all a blur.  Many of my peers consider industry analyst events to be a perk. I felt that…

Is It Time to Do Away With the Agent Title?

To improve customer service, we need to acknowledge that everyone (not just the contact center) is responsible for customer care.

Old is New Again

One of the popular trends in cables is braided nylon. They not only look good, but they wear exceptionally well. Unlike plastic coated cables they don’t crack, rarely fray, glide easily, and tend not to kink. They also feel nice…

Learning by Shipping (AirTag Edition)

Apple AirTags are remarkable tracking devices. You can put one of these half-dollar sized disks into a package, or hang it on your pet’s collar, or stick it to anything you desire to track. (Think: grandkids at Disneyland.) I’ve been…

Online Meetings Are Virtually Here to Stay

Expect rapid innovations to continue, providing a better experience inside and outside the meeting room.

TalkingHeadz with John Saw of T-Mobile

Transcript Evan Kirstel 2:24 And we’re here at talking heads. In today’s episode, we have john saw executive vice president advanced and emerging technologies at T Mobile events an emerging absolutely so we have high expectations, john and nice to…

Standalone 5G

Cellular 5G is confusing and conflicting. But there are a few points that I think are worth explaining, clearly. T-Mobile has been advertising that they are building a “Standalone 5G” network. This terms means nothing to most of us, but…

Switching to T-Mobile from Verizon

I was a Verizon mobile customer for decades. I’ve had a cell phone for 35 years now (not many can say that) and I have always wanted (and was willing to pay for) the best service. And, for a long…

We Need More Short Numbers

We used to have 8 precious easy-to-remember numbers: 411 for directory assistance 211 for long distance assistance 611 for telephone repair 911 for emergencies. When we added 311 for government, 511 for road information, and because everybody needs to call…

Which Way to CCaaS?

With the contact center rapidly emerging as an innovation center, it’s important to understand the different ways to go about purchasing CCaaS.

A Few Thoughts on Microsoft and Nuance

The big story today is Microsoft acquiring Nuance for $16B in cash! The specifics are surprising, but the story hasn’t changed. This is a logical or reasonable acquisition. The bottom line question is if the asset called Nuance will be…