Meet the Poly Studio G62 system – Modular, Green, Easy to Set Up

Days before InfoComm, HP|Poly unveiled its newest video conferencing solutions.

TalkingPointz Research: Digital Events

I attend a lot of meetings and events. Over the past decade or so, meetings have changed a lot. Events, not so much, but are about to in a big way.  Up in the Air came out in 2009. It’s…

To Communicate What Enterprise Communications Is, Start With the Name

IT and enterprise communications needs to do better with names. Here’s a shortlist of suggestions to make our brands more durable and more comprehensible to their intended customers.

A Closer Look At The Barco Click Share Bar

A lot of stuff packed into one package Next up on the TalkingPointz Tech Bench is the new Barco ClickShare Bar Pro. This is a bigger device than most USB only videobars, but it packs a lot into one package….

The Future of Work – No, Really

The facts around the state of the modern workplace – and the people who comprise it — are clear. So are the best practices forward-thinking managers should adopt.

The End of an Era

I just realized that it has now been 40 years since the Bell System ceased to exist. What’s significant about that is that it means that nobody that worked in the Bell System is employed. Even the youngest employees in…

Camera Arrays

In 2015 I wrote a series of blogs titled “the past and future of the videoconference room” imagining future solutions. I detailed what I felt would reinvent room cameras, turning them into what I called “Camera Arrays.” I picked that…

Maximizing Innovation With Minimal Disruption. 

I attended the Cognigy Experience Summit in Dusseldorf, Germany, earlier this year. The event featured customers, partners, and innovators sharing their thoughts on conversational AI. It was the most forward looking conversational AI event I have attended, and the best…

A Closer Look at the HP Poly R30 Plus Bundle

HP/Poly has recently released a new version of its small room system, USB only videobar – the R30.  This newer release is known as the “R30 Plus.  The “plus” is the addition of an in-room docking device (HP’s USB-C Dock…

One Million Meeting Rooms

Microsoft announced it was what we beleive to be the first Meetings provider to reach one million connected meeting rooms. Just for fun, it also dropped that it has 20 million PSTN users! HUGE. The two Daves discuss the accomplishment,…

Nokia and Infobip Align to Empower Developers

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

NEC Exits Premises-based UC

Though it exits UC, NEC’s UCaaS strategic alliance with Intermedia, which created UNIVERGE BLUE, continues.

Questioning the Future of Generative of AI

For Generative AI to really improve, it will need to start thinking in a new way — if only it could think.

Avaya and Zoom Strike GTM UC Alliance

Solving unified communications, A-Z

Reinventing Service Provider Voice

Service providers can still be disruptors in voice, but doing so likely means taking their own advice and moving to the cloud.

Celebrating Innovative #CX #EC24

As the industry shifts from a tech focus to an outcome-based focus, it’s a pivotal time in how enterprises approach customer service. This year’s Innovation Showcase participants reflect that shift.

How the Digital Markets Act Could Impact Enterprise Communications

As the European Union continues to impose new requirements on big tech, an emerging question is if users or the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) will drive the enterprise messaging providers to embrace messaging interoperability.

More Webex News from Cisco Live

Cisco continues to make incremental improvements to its Webex portfolio; here are three to examine more closely.

Beeper: The Killer Tech of 2023?

U.S. and European efforts to promote competition may mean inferior apps.

RTO Mandates Need to be Built on Trust

The pressure to return to office more about our relationship with work than where we work.