T-Mobile for 55+

If you are 55+ or older, T-Mobile has a great plan for you. And, you can have up to 4 lines on their plan…just one person needs to be 55+, everybody else can be younger. It’s the best postpaid deal…

Dialpad Expands Full-Service CCaaS with Self-Service

Dialpad reaffirms its commitment to CCaaS with latest acquisition.

Undoing the UnCarrier

With John gone, T-Mobile is sliding back into being a regular ol carrier. My biggest gripe is that the information on their website contradicts itself. It will state that “Stateside Calling” calls are 20₵ a minute in the feature description…

US Approach to Cellular Towers is Wrong

Why is the US cellular system among the worst in the world? My experience is that when I travel to other countries is that there are no dropped calls, there are no coverage gaps, and speeds are remarkably faster than…

CCaaS the New Black? Fashion Retailer Reimagines Customer Engagement

At Forever 21, customer engagement is evolving, and it appears to be doing so by eliminating what most would describe as a contact center.

The case for mandatory cellular roaming

Traditionally we have placed a very high priority on reliable communications in the event of an emergency. It’s been a national priority that we can not only call 911, but that we can reach each other if there is a…

What Became of the Telecom Gold Standard for Reliability?

The United States used to have the most reliable communications system in the world? Now, it is one of the worst. What happened? And why don’t people seem to care? The standard in 1975 for Central Office reliability was that…

Planet in Crisis: A Call for Keeping WFH in Place

It’s time to turn up the heat on distributed, at-home teams.

The New Normal Has Arrived

The future of work is less about physical places and more about changes in behaviors, processes, and attitudes.

The Dual SIM challenge

I was very very hesitant when I decided to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile. I had been with Verizon for decades and they had a good (although declining) network. I perceived of T-Mobile as a third-tier company. (I would later…

How to Watch YouTube on Verizon

For years I have been frustrated by my inability to watch YouTube videos on my Verizon phone. When I do a SpeedTest there is more than enough speed to watch videos. My data plan has more than enough high speed…

RingCentral, Bandwidth Forge BYOC Partnership

Modularization of UCaaS services is emerging as the new best-of-breed opportunity, as evidenced in this latest example of the decoupling of carrier services from UC.

Understanding Speedtest

Alternative title: Why you can’t actually use your cell phone’s data plan. There’s one great misunderstanding that most people have about speedtest: that your download speed isn’t controlled by your upload speed. Consider the speedtest shown in the photo. Looks…

Dialpad Closes Meetings Gap

UCaaS provider parlays video elements from Highfive acquisition plus voice smarts to push ahead on meetings, adds informal collaboration tool, and more.

I loved Google Fi So I Let It Go

I tried Google Fi. I really wanted it to work. The idea of just having a simple, straightforward plan was appealing. What I found was that it was expensive and worked very poorly on an iPhone. It was not a…

The Moth and the Candle and 5G

If I could describe the mindset of telephone companies it would be the story of the moth and the candle. In May, AT&T announced with great fanfare that it is back to being a telephone company again: AT&T to refocus…

What’s AWS Conveying With Its Acquisition of Wickr?

As it looks to differentiate its service, AWS focuses on privacy and encryption with its latest acquisition.

What’s AWS Conveying With Its Acquisition of Wickr?

As it looks to differentiate its service, AWS focuses on privacy and encryption with its latest acquisition.

The Composable Contact Center Fosters Change

CCaaS continues to rapidly evolve, and the next step is composability.

Top Secret

It turns out that some people actually have secrets. I don’t. I regularly share every thought via videos, tweets, and posts. Or do? We all have secrets. Some are more interesting than others. If our emails and chats became public,…