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TalkingPointz Insider April 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from April 2022 The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from April 2022 This may be be the shortest Insider yet (6 pages). It seems the news pipe was drained last month at Enterprise Connect….

TalkingPointz on EC22 – Research Note

Here are 13 pages on Enterprise Connect 2022. I like to take a deep dive on what occurred at EC every year. Enterprise Connect provides an annual snapshot, and a deep look reveals some interesting industry changes and trends. This…

Giving Every Employee a Voice, Gideon from Workvivo

It all started with voice. I’m referring to the PBX or even hosted PBX. Today, voice is the add-on and many apps don’t even offer it. That opens up a lot of possibilities because voice is both hard and expensive….

TalkingPointz Research: CAIP 2022

Conversational AI technologies are disrupting every aspect of enterprise communications: UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, Meetings, Messaging, and related services such as analytics. The technology is new, and it’s growing quickly. There’s very strong interest in this magical technology that promises to…

Lumen’s New Way to Service Old Customers

The Lumen Cloud Communications service aims to transform legacy voice services into modern, cloud-based ones.

With Poly Buy, HP Sees Growth Opportunity

Poly’s product lines are about to get boosted by HP’s access to markets and resources – and HP’s about to get access to the growing enterprise video market.

Supply Chain Shortages: Here We Go Again

I recently noticed that there weren’t many ships at the Tacoma Port. I was wondering where they all were. Eureka. They are in Shanghai. I initially learned this from a tweet. With Shanghai in a near total lockdown, this is…

My New Apple M1 Mac

I recently received my new Apple Mac with the M1 processor. I will be honest, I was skeptical and fearful of this machine. It does NOT use an Intel CPU chip. The chip it uses has an entirely different microcode…

Brian Beutler, CEO and CO-Founder Alianza

The UCaaS industry was really created by independent service providers offering hosted VoIP. Many of these service providers turned to companies like BraodSoft and Genband to obtain the software needed to create their own offerings. The concept still exists, but…

Insider Report March 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from March 2022 The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from March 2022 The Days of Our Lives: I have often complained that the lowly calendar (Outlook and Google Calendar) has been neglected for far…

TalkingHeadz with Josh Little of Volley

Async comms are old school. Think of real letters and even email – easy, boring stuff compared to real-time communications. Real-time comms are marvelous and largely what the enterprise comms sector was built-on, however it has a few problems. Namely,…

CCaaS Embraces Video Channels for Better Customer Interactions

Video is already normalized among the user base and has business benefits in customer service.

Dialpad Extends Contact Center Capabilities

The relaunched Dialpad AI Contact Center service will include two new products for customer engagement and self-service.

Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended Track Expands Contact Center Partners

CCaaS providers Dialpad and UJET are now verified to meet the technical and support standards for the Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

Using AI in the CC with Gregg Johnson of Invoca

When we hear about AI in the contact center, it’s usually about chatbots and augmented agent. But in this conversation, we hear at how contact center AI can help with sales and marketing. Invoca is doing some fascinating stuff with…

Showcasing Six for Better CX at EC22

It’s clear that customer experience will be a dominant theme at Enterprise Connect 2022.

Mavenir, Crexendo Partner on UCaaS + CCaaS Offerings

Both companies come out ahead as they tap into the larger industry trend of UCaaS and CCaaS converging.

Insider Report February 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from February 2022 The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from February 2022 General | Meetings | Engagement | Unified Communications | Financial | Acquisitions | Goodreads This has been a challenging and boring month….

TalkingHeadz: Facebook and Meta Have a Presence in Workplace

One thing about Ujjwal Singh is he has a Presence. Actually, I am not certain that’s true because I didn’t meet with him over Workplace. We could have though – Workplace from Meta is focused on making the virtual workplace…

Is CCaaS Enterprise Ready? Yes!

CCaaS providers are finally penetrating large enterprise accounts.

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