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UJET Launches Native Workforce Management Solution

The WFM offering will help streamline and leverage available operational data

Top 4 AI questions for every SaaS provider

Is your AI data ethically sourced? AI news these days is enough to make your head spin. The breadth and depth of announcements almost make one yearn for the “simple” days of microservices and cloud. Daily, we hear about updates…

Insider Report 7-3 Mar-23

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News Next week is Enterprise Connect. There will be quite a bit of news, so I thought I’d better clear the backlog with this Insider Report. The next Insider…

Microsoft Copilot – Teams Edition

Can We Trust AI with the Specifics? Meetings. We want less of them, and yet we want more out of them. Microsoft Teams announced their own meeting optimizers at last week’s AI event, with more undoubtedly coming next week at…

Microsoft Copilot – Smooth AI Operator?

Microsoft and Google productivity platforms both “entered the chat” this week, and just like that, we are all trying to understand how this new wave of AI will impact some of our most critical applications. While I am admittedly still…

Celebrating Innovation in Collaboration at #EC23

Presenting the Innovation Showcase Companies to be highlighted at Enterprise Connect 2023.

Vonage Flaunts its Ericsson 5G Connection

The company could be looking to solve the OTT problem at the network layer

UCaaS Licensing Models Add Complexity to UCaaS

As UCaaS providers move toward a more modular pricing model for their services, it’s an open question how features get developed and whether users are willing to pay for them.

Insider Lite #2 2023

This is the free Insider Lite report from TalkingPointz. Hopefully this time it will get emailed to subscribers the day of posting (automation is hard). ChatGPT continues to dominate the news (3 months now). GPT, A Chatbot of a Different…

Time to ReInvent Collaboration?

This year, the Innovation Showcase at EC23 is looking for new ideas in collaboration.

Insider Report 7-2 (Feb 2023)

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News This is the second Insider Report for 2023. This one is a bit longer than I wanted. The goal was to publish them more frequently and shorter. Two…

Avaya Files for Chapter 11

Avaya filed a prepackaged bankruptcy with intent to exit Chapter 11 within 90 days—a much shorter process than the company’s 2017 bankruptcy.

TalkingHeadz Podcast with David Petts of Mitel

Mitel is back in the news again – this time for its planned acquisition of Unify from Atos. This podcast only touches on that – the news was very fresh and the deal hasn’t closed yet. However, it’s an interesting…

#ISE2023 Show Floor Videos

Here’s the whole set of videos I made on the show floor at ISE2023 in Barcelona. I am still on the road from this event, so haven’t yet put together my compilation video. These videos only represent a small part…

Five9 Porto

Global expansion is hard.  It doesn’t matter where you start, expanding globally is a series of chicken-egg problems. You can’t have demand for your product or service until you have addressed local/regional requirements – and those usually don’t present themselves…

Bots Rule, Agents Drool

An agent-centric view of customer service remains the gold standard for customer experience – but there’s a strong case to be made that bots are already doing customer service better

Welcome to the New Insider Lite

Welcome to the new Insider Lite, the free TalkingPointz email/newsletter/post subscription. The previous version was hosted on Revue — a Twitter-owned newsletter service that Elon has discontinued. This new format is integrated with The free subscription will include some…

UCaaS and Cellular Together in Perfect Harmony

By converging mobility and UCaaS, organizations can once again implement a rational enterprise-wide communications plan

Boycott the Banning of Meetings

Blaming meetings for impeding productivity is like blaming a hammer for shoddy construction

Insider Report 7-1 (Jan 2023)

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News Welcome to the new format for the TalkingPointz Insider Report. Since their origin seven years ago, the TalkingPointz Insider Reports have been published monthly. The monthly format offered…