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It’s the Data, Stupid 

2023 is the year of AI. It’s really the year of generative AI, but generative AI stands on the shoulders of great AI, and great AI stands on the shoulders of great data. [This is the Insider Lite, the free…

RingCentral Announces RingCX, its New CCaaS Offering

RingCentral’s new RingCX solution is intended to expand its reach with a CCaaS aimed at addressing simpler use cases.

RingCentral Expands RingSense Across its Portfolio

RingCentral leverage AI broadly across all aspects of business communications to make interactions smarter and drive productivity improvements

Slack Elevate Enhances Efficiencies, Adds Workflow Capabilities

By providing a sales-centric home within Slack — and multiple access points to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud – the new native Slack experience addresses a frequent user complaint: too many processes in too many different apps.

Insider Report July 2023

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News Welcome to summer 2023. Normally, summer kicks off in June, but June was intense. July was actually event-free. Too hot to do much, so this issue is a…

Avaya Partners Cognigy and Journey Expand Customer Service Capabilities

Both Cognigy and Journey offer Avaya’s contact center customers the opportunity to reimagine their customer experiences, with the latest AI and smartphone technologies.

Does CCaaS Matter?

This new TalkingPointz Research Note looks at the current state of CCaaS and concludes it has become too limited and misleading of a label. CCaaS remains viable, but the industry has expanded beyond deployment models to include a broader focus…

Vonage Protection Suite Offers Counter-Fraud as a Service

Vonage’s approach to fraud protection ties monitoring, alerting, and automated controls to SMS and voice traffic while expanding its two-factor and Number Insight products.

Security Concerns Penetrating Enterprise Communications

As cloud services mature, the differences between enterprise communications providers are less about features and speeds, and more about the robustness infrastructure. And that’s where security comes in. Here are some recent announcements suggesting a more secure future for enterprise…

Insider Report June 2023

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News June was a surprisingly busy month: #NICEi23, #CiscoLive, #VerintEngage, #InfoComm23, Genesys #Xperience23, #AvayaEngage, and #CiscoCollaborationDevices. Somehow, I managed to attend most of these events. Let’s look at what’s…

#InfoComm23 Highlight Reel #IC23

It’s been a while since i attended Infocomm. What an amazing show. – Playlist of all TalkingPointz InfoComm Booth Tours – AVNation Media Podcast

NICE Frees its ElevateAI Transcription Service

NICE sees ElevateAI as an opportunity to build its pipeline: help smaller customers today for free, with the hopes of winning future business.

Microsoft Teams Dances into Global Wireless with Tango Networks

The new solutions expand the reach of Teams to a higher percentage of an enterprise’s workforce, including frontline workers in retail, delivery, transportation, and in-home services, across a higher percentage of the world.

Organizations Should Focus on NPS

There’s a lot of change occurring in Customer Service. AI is disrupting just about every workflow and process, but there are some things that shouldn’t change. NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is a highly effective, yet misunderstood metric that makes…

CX and the City #NICEi23

NICE hosted its customer conference in NYC this week. In addition to its customers and partners, there were also several financial and industry analysts in attendance. One of the hashtags for the event was #CXandtheCity, the perfect storm for CX,…

A CEO for the Customer Obsessed

Last November, 8×8 named Samuel Wilson, who had been CFO since June 2020, its interim CEO. Then it proceeded to kick-off a search for a real CEO. CEO searches are complicated.  Sometimes they are done in secret, but nothing says…

ChatGPT is Causing Everyone to Hallucinate.

With ChatGPT, we can’t trust all of what it says, and that means we can’t really trust anything it says.

Insider Report May 2023

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The dominant story of enterprise comms continues to be AI. Actually, it’s the dominant story of tech in general. AI is hardly new, but this new generation of…

Hotdesking is Critical for Hybrid Office Success

Hotdesking has become the champion growth technology for enabling hybrid work.

How Webex Fixed My Cacophonous Interview

Videos are more complex to make than they appear. I’ve been writing about enterprise comms for close to two decades. It’s an iterative, asynchronous process. The backspace key is the most used key on my keyboard. Producing on-site videos is…