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TalkingHeadz with Chris MacFarland, CEO Masergy

In this podcast we ask Chris some tough questions such as why do I need advanced networking when Starbucks has free Wi-Fi and who has better BBQ: Texas or Illinois? You can follow TalkingHeadz on your favorite podcast app. Interviews…

T-Mobile Tracking Changes

If you are a T-Mobile customer, you need to act fast. They are changing their privacy policy … to be more like the others. Starting April 26th, T-Mobile will begin monitoring which websites you visit, and can view and analyze…

The Newest UCaaS Provider: No Wires Attached

T-Mobile partners with Dialpad to become the latest enterprise UCaaS provider.

Digital Transformation: T-Shirts

I recently wrote about digital transformation on NoJitter, and wanted to post some clarifying examples. See prior post: Digital Transformation and Toasters. The point I want to emphasize (again) is that every industry is based-on software, and said software can…

Insider Report February 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from February 2021 On the pandemic front, February was one of the better months. New cases and hospitalizations are way down, more than immunizations can account for. Health professionals cite improved behavior (distancing, washing…

T-Mobile Customers Seeing Magenta

T-Mobile is rapidly transforming into a big, bad customer exploiting carrier. It’s customers should be seeing red, er, magenta. John Legere transformed T-Mobile from a broken-down carrier with a dysfunctional network into the un-carrier. His brilliant transformation strategy was simple:…

The Next Big Thing in UCaaS: You!

As managers and supervisor struggle to monitor remote employee productivity and efficiency, UCaaS vendors are responding with built-in and standalone monitoring and productivity products.

TalkingHeadz with Scott Wharton, Logitech

I believe Scott is the first guest to return to TalkingHeadz. Our first interview with Scott took place after Infocomm 2018. Once again, in this interview we were able to discuss with Scott recent product announcements from Logitech: The Rally…

4 Reasons Why Clubhouse Will Lose its Luster

I have participated in several Clubhouse sessions, and (with @EvanKirstel) hosted four. My current conclusion is: It’s a brilliant, but dumb service. Let’s start with why it’s brilliant. Clubhouse filled a gaping void for connection. I agree with many others…

Contemplating CCaaS? Consider These Issues.

CCaaS evaluations are easier when you start with some philosophical boundaries.

Uber Clubhouse

I’ve now hosted three conversations on Clubhouse. Each one gets better. It’s a fascinating social and retro experience. If you are not familiar with Clubhouse, it’s a new social app with an old take on chat rooms. It’s in beta,…

Week 6 2021 Real-Time, Recorded

In this episode we discuss Masergy & Webex and financial results from Avaya and Cisco.    

The History of the Dial Pad

The history of the Touch-Tone dial is remarkably complicated and fascinating. Today we all know the 12 button dial with 123 at the top and * and # in the bottom left and right. (Why aren’t there emojis for Touch-Tone…

Digital Transformation and Toasters

I recently wrote about digital transformation on NoJitter, and wanted to post here some clarifying examples. The point I want to emphasize is that every industry is now based on software. People get confused on this. I often hear “you…

TalkingHeadz With Tom Puorro

Poly knows a few things about transformation. Polycom was a pioneer in enterprise video and played a key role in both the maturation of SIP and the transition to VoIP. In late 2018, Plantronics and Polycom merged, that’s two well…

Real-Time, Recorded Week 5 2021

For Week 5, Zeus and I discuss the news and results from Poly, news from Zoom, and Microsoft’s new Viva app.  

Bell Divestiture & Un-Divestiture

What this diagram says to me is that AT&T got it completely wrong in the way they divested themselves in 1983. The fact that it smashed apart and then all came back together is evidence of that. It is important…

‘Viva’ Teams

Microsoft launches employee experience platform, with Teams playing a central role in this new approach to employee engagement.

Insider Report for January 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from January 2021 There is a lot of optimism about the new year — less pandemic, more travel, and an opportunity to create the new normal. There is indeed hope that we are past…

Real Time, Recorded Week 4 2021

We cover Talkdesk pandemic programs, 8×8 results, pandemic winners