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3 Apps to Enhance Customer, Partner Collaborations

ScreenMeet, ScheduleOnce, and DocuSign are a few apps that can help teams collaborate with customers and partners beyond the walls of their enterprise.

EC20 Innovation Showcase: Securing Communications

Shining a light on real-time policy enforcement, zero-trust identity management, AI-based compliance, and end-to-end encryption for UC and collaboration

TalkingHeadz Podcast with CEO Bruce at Ribbon

I really enjoyed this conversation. Bruce has a tremendous opportunity with Ribbon, but it won’t be easy. Ribbon has a lot of moving parts. I’ve been impressed with many things (projects, approaches, people, vision, etc.) at Ribbon, but the company…

Unify-Atos Connects with RingCentral

Earlier this year, Atos expanded its portfolio with RingCentral. It seemed odd at first as Atos had acquired Unify along with its UC portfolio back in 2016. However, Unify had very limited UCaaS services, and SI Atos needed UCaaS in…

Microsoft Teams: In The Room Where it Happens, Virtually

Microsoft introduced 14 new features for Teams last week — mostly related to meetings. As usual, the news has received strong coverage. The star new feature is Together Mode. It’s a simple approach to virtual reality that requires no glasses. …

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Ryan Hollenbeck, Verint

Confession: I could never get that excited about WFO, but like the entire customer engagement category, the space is going through some exciting changes. I gave Ryan some pretty pointed questions that didn’t phase him at all. There’s a lot…

June 2020 Insider Report

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from June 2020 Whadda Month! I figured I was going to skip Covid-19 this month. But, the story of the year applies to June as well. The collective sigh of relief many of us…

5 Trends Poised to Change the Contact Center

The shift from product to service is opening up new opportunities to improve and deliver customer engagement.

It’s Time to Fix Email

Find out what developments happened this month that could curtail our use of this historical messaging system.

EC20 Innovation Showcase on Track… and Just in Time

Assuring the security and privacy of communications and collaboration data is more important now than ever

The Most Dangerous Job in UCC

It’s been turbulent times for UCC leadership. In the past 15 months, we’ve seen leadership changes at about 10 companies. I thought this deserved a conversation so arranged a brain-trust with: Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research Dmitry Netis of Q…

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When 75M Isn’t Enough

Last month, Microsoft reported that its Teams product hit 75M daily active users. It’s a significant achievement that suggests Teams is a wildly successful product. While 75M DAU is clearly impressive, I suspect the figure is significantly lower than what…

TalkingHeadz with Avaya’s Anthony Bartolo

Anthony is driving product leadership at Avaya, and relies on outcome focused, customer journey mapping to do it. There’s a lot of excitement about the work he is doing at Avaya. He brings an interesting background to Avaya with a…

Forbes is Sensational

I frequently come across misleading headlines. Usually, these are from the shadier click-bait sites that are more concerned about total views than retaining an audience. I thought Forbes was better, but I came across two posts recently that were deceptive….

4 Post-Pandemic Trends on the Rise

Less demand for commercial real estate, a mortally wounded office space – these changes make it necessary to revisit prior conclusions and assumptions.

TalkingHeadz with Dmitry Netis of Q Advisors

I have regular discussions with financial analysts, and I really enjoy them. They look at the companies so differently than industry analysts do. Most industry analysts, including myself, don’t pay a lot of attention to quarterly results. Dmitry taught me…

Masarek Departs Vonage: WTF?

Vonage has announced that its CEO for the past 6 years, Alan Masarek, will be stepping down. His replacement is Rory Read, new to Vonage and the enterprise communications industry. Of course, team Vonage and Alan are excited and optimistic…

May 2020 Insider Report

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from May 2020 “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” ~ Vladimir Lenin Situational timing can make this report difficult. Most of May was still about the pandemic,…

UC with No Strings Attached

A new hardware device enables a small business to leverage a fixed wireless connection for its data and UCaaS needs.

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Antony Passemard, of Google CCAI

There is a great flow to this dialog, I think I will call it: Dialogflow. Also, the three participants sound really human. Most of the talk about AI is hype.  However, there are two areas in enterprise communications where we…