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Generative AI Not Likely to Increase Customer Satisfaction

In most cases, generative AI solutions to won’t raise the bar of CSAT. Instead, it will be justified to reduce expenses.

Insider Report Nov 2023

Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from November 2023 Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from November 2023 Guest Contributor Dmitry Netis: Dmitry currently serves as Managing Director and Co-Head of Technology Banking at The Benchmark Company, a middle-market boutique…

New Avaya Hires Add Cloud, Acquisitions, Engineering Depth to Executive Team

Since August 2022, Avaya has experienced tremendous change but is likely past the worst of it. What’s emerging now is an implausibly different company

Zoom Delivered What Copilot Inspired

The company’s artificial intelligence-powered assistant is offering the same capabilities as Microsoft’s Copilot – but with greater simplicity and no extra cost

Cisco Room Kit EQX and Campfire Blueprint Offer Flexible Meeting Configurations

Cisco’s product portfolio is designed to accommodate a wide range of users, use cases, and venues – here we look at two of its latest offerings

Apply to Be Part of the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2024

If your company is providing something new to enhance the customer experience, apply to be part of the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2024. Here’s how.

TalkingPointz Insider Report October 2023

Enegel.AI, Out of Stealth: Enegel, where Genesys leaders go to innovate, announced its first product: Conversational Intelligence (catchy name). Enegel promises to bring back the feel of human interactions in a fully automated way, offering quality and performance management services with human-like evaluation of agent performance (flow and logic, personalization, language and tone, etc.).  


Last week I attended the Gitex tech conference in Dubai. Gitex is a huge tech conference, in fact the biggest. It addresses tech solutions for consumers, enterprises, and governments in EMEA and APAC regions. I was only in a couple…

@#NICESummit Post Event Thoughts

In this video, I discuss how NICE and the Incas was both cloud and AI leaders in different ways.  

Apple Should be Forced to Support Rich Communications Services

By not adopting RCS, the Cupertino company is holding back the convenience and security of anyone who uses messaging anywhere in the world.

Upcoming Cisco #WebexOne

I recorded this video with Webex Vidcast — it seemed like the appropriate app to discuss WebexOne. Cisco Webex offers a broad enterprise communications portfolio. I am looking forward to #WebexOne later this month.

DogWalkUpdate #Zoomtopia

I am very intrigued by Zoom Docs.

DogWalk Update

Too much travel, so I need to double-task – dog walking and blogging.

HP | Poly First to Offer a ‘Single-Vendor’ Zoom Intelligent Director Solution #Zoomtopia

One of the challenges with Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms is that neither vendor makes hardware. Hardware vendors like HP-Poly, Neat, Jabra, and Logi solve this with appliances. The first ones were simple Android-based bars, but room systems continue…

A Conversation with @JeffPulver

I’ve known of Jeff since the 90s. Our circles have huge overlaps, but he largely exited the industry as I was coming in. I managed to attend one VON conference. Although I’ve been a big fan of Vonage for a…

Insider Report September 2023

Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from September 2023 Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from September 2023 Guest Contributor! Contributing to the TalkingPointz Insider Report this month is Shelly Kramer, Founder and Principal Analyst at V3B. Prior to working…

Generative AI Hasn’t Lived Up to Its Potential — Yet

Microsoft and Google are adding genAI tools to their office productivity suites. Whether these tools will improve productivity remains to be seen.

TalkingPointz Research: Analysis of the 2023 CCaaS MQ

Overview Why does TalkingPointz write about the Gartner MQ? TalkingPointz considers the Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant report one of the sector’s most important and influential reports. It is authored by informed analysts with excellent access to enterprise and provider data….

Google, Mio Team up for Chat Interoperability

With this team-up, Mio has recognized enterprises’ need for interoperability among messaging platforms and positioned itself as a Rosetta stone of messaging.

Insider Report August 2023

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News of August 2023 The Most Important Enterprise Communications News of August 2023 Guest Contributor! Welcome Alan Lepofsky. Alan will be contributing his take on some recent events in this month’s report. Alan worked at…