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Bots Rule, Agents Drool

An agent-centric view of customer service remains the gold standard for customer experience – but there’s a strong case to be made that bots are already doing customer service better

Welcome to the New Insider Lite

Welcome to the new Insider Lite, the free TalkingPointz email/newsletter/post subscription. The previous version was hosted on Revue — a Twitter-owned newsletter service that Elon has discontinued. This new format is integrated with The free subscription will include some…

UCaaS and Cellular Together in Perfect Harmony

By converging mobility and UCaaS, organizations can once again implement a rational enterprise-wide communications plan

Boycott the Banning of Meetings

Blaming meetings for impeding productivity is like blaming a hammer for shoddy construction

Insider Report 7-1 (Jan 2023)

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News Welcome to the new format for the TalkingPointz Insider Report. Since their origin seven years ago, the TalkingPointz Insider Reports have been published monthly. The monthly format offered…

No Code Foundry with Michael Beckley

Appian is a low-code software development platform that allows users to create business applications quickly and easily. The platform uses a visual drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible to users with little to no coding experience. Appian also includes features such…

Enterprise Connect 2023 Is Seeking Innovation

The Innovation Showcase provides a glimpse of tomorrow’s technologies. Enterprise Connect exhibition newcomers are encouraged to apply.

TalkingHeadz with Raluca Monet on Google CER CCaaS

I think it was 2018. I was curious to see how far one can go with a Chromebook. I use a full desktop at my desk, but replaced my Windows Laptop that I used for travel with a Pixelbook. The …

Insider Report December 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from December 2022 The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from December 2022 Good Riddance 2022: I am quite pleased to see 2022 end. It seems like I’ve been saying something similar for the past…

The Convergence and Evolution of Enterprise Calling

The disruptive aspects of enterprise calling convergence have significant impacts on UC/UCaaS providers and channels.

On Returning Avaya to Glory

There were two sets of discussion last week about Avaya. One was the various interpretations related to its 8-K filing. The other discussions were related to the company’s transformation strategy after a briefing with industry analysts last week. I don’t…

TalkingPointz Research CCaaS 2022

TalkingHeadz with Jeff Lawson

Jeff Lawson is one of my favorite keynoters. He is a natural edutainer. He is both a provocateur and storyteller that knows what he’s talking about. He had a complex mission at the recent Signal conference where he explained not…

Recapping the Top 5 Comms Acquisitions of 2022

M&A activity in the communications space slowed this year but expect more move in the new year.

Insider Report November 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from November 2022 The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from November 2022 What an incredible month. As if war and a teetering economy were not enough, in November, we had an election, the Elon…

TalkingHeadz: Sid Chimes in on the AWS Comms Platform

Amazon Chime continues to evolve. What started as a meetings app transitioned into an SDK and now delivers advanced embeddable comms services that can be used in standalone ways, as a means of leveraging other AWS services (such as Lex),…

Taking Video Meetings to Where No Meeting Has Gone Before

The Artemis space mission isn’t just one small step for man; it’s one giant leap for communications technology.

UNIVERGE BLUE: Talks Like a Cloud, Sells Like a Box

The new offering from NEC offers channel partners the favorable economics of selling hardware while providing customers the benefits of UCaaS and CCaaS.

TalkingHeadz October News

Finally, the answer to what’s in an Insider Report! Two secrets about Insider Reports. Insider Reports are behind a paywall, but only at first. They become free on after 45 days. This week only (expires Friday Nov 11, 2022)…

Zoom Expands Into Email and Calendar

Can Zoom disrupt the email and calendar market that Microsoft and Google have dominated? Potentially, here’s why.