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It’s Time to Make Bots Sound Less Bot-Like

It’s already common for bots to allow us to select their voice from a menu. Why not take it a bit further and allow us to select more human-like voices?

Insider Report July 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from July 2022 The story of the month, of course, was the heat. July was hot!  I read my first serious book on climate change, Eaarth, in 2010. Scientists have been screaming about global…

Avaya Braces for Big Changes to Avoid Chapter 11 Again

A new CEO and old problems set the stage for turbulent times ahead at Avaya.

Joe Manuele CEO of NoFilter Not Talking About Sports

Another alumni returns to Talkingheadz, and he’s only added 4 jobs to his LinkedIn Profile between appearances. Joe is one of the kindest execs in UCaaS, and it’s always great to found out what excites him besides hockey. We cover…

Ericsson Completes Vonage Acquisition

Ericsson intends to leverage Vonage to expand its mobile networking business into broader enterprise communications.

TalkingHeadz with CMO Janelle Raney

Yet another company featured in the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 22. Janelle shares with us her thoughts on startups and high growth companies. Something she learned about about by joining a small company called Zoom in 2015. “We transformed…

Insider Report June 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from June 2022 Wow, the world has changed a lot. Last month I wrote about several reversals in trends. This month is full speed ahead on a new rudder. Or old rudder? Seems Donald…

Would You Like an App with That?

Anyone responsible for customer call centers should look to their local fast food drive-thru lanes for inspiration.

Not Doug from Crexendo

Talkingheadz is an interview format podcast with the movers and shakers of enterprise communications, and we have good guests too.  It’s not co-hosting the most influential podcast in the industry. A quick peek behind the curtains you will see a…

Phone Booth For Sale

A digital transformation initiative at TalkingPointz has created some surplus equipment. It’s time to sell the world renown TalkingPointz Phone booth, complete with a rotary payphone. The phone booth has been utilized by the tele-rati. For sale: One original blue,…

TalkingPointz Research: UCaaS Mobility 3.0

Last March, At Enterprise Connect, three (3) vendors included smartphone mobility demos in their keynotes. That’s three major providers: Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and RingCentral demonstrating AT&T [email protected] by RingCentral. [This research note is 8 pages and is written in…

Bandwidth and Alianza Partnership Targets CSPs

Bandwidth and Alianza plan a “sell-with” go-to-market strategy, as the communications service provider market is seeing new growth with private-label solutions.

Fetching Agent Support from Balto

Artificial Intelligence is changing every aspect of the contact center: self service, augmented agent, QM, scheduling, and coaching – to name a few. Balto does agent coaching. It’s bots listen and provide agents real-time tips on how to improve their…

Queuing Theory

A long hold time does not necessarily mean too much demand. I think a lot about queuing theory. Today, it’s mostly about contact centers, but in the old days it was basic voice engineering. Most telecom engineers today missed all…

TalkingPointz Insider May 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from May 2022 May was a bizarro month. Normally, bizarro can mean unconventional, but there’s also a Superman/Seinfeld interpretation of backward. Starting with the former, it appears the gods are angry.  There’s no shortage…

Exploring 3 Alternatives to an Enterprise M365 Subscription

Enterprise IT leaders might be missing out on great UCaaS offerings by simply going with Microsoft and not doing an analysis of competitive services.

David Sipes Answers the Call at 8×8

8×8 is one of the most innovative companies in UCaaS. It was one of the first to launch Teams Direct Routing. It just released a new Agent Workspace. Last year it launched its XCaaS brand and 8×8 Front Desk. The…

What to Expect at NICE’s Interactions Live 2022 Event

The CCaaS provider’s upcoming conference will set the priorities for a lot of organizations — and competitors.

TalkingHeadz with Sippio COO Dawn-Marie Elder

Direct Routing and Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams allowed providers to benefit from the explosive growth of Teams. However, coming up with a differentiated offer isn’t easy. That’s one of the topics we cover with Dawn-Marie Elder, COO of SIPPIO….

TalkingPointz Insider April 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from April 2022 This may be be the shortest Insider yet (6 pages). It seems the news pipe was drained last month at Enterprise Connect. Funny what happens after an annual event takes place…