Zoom Has a Remarkable Week: App Becomes Household Name

In the first three months of 2020, Zoom saw a twenty-fold increase in usage as it just reported it hit 200 million daily users – but now the company must urgently rebuild goodwill and trust.

RCV: RingCentral Gets Video

About a year a go I concluded that RingCentral would need its own video technology. I incorrectly assumed they would acquire an independent video provider. My logic was simple, UCaaS has expanded, and really includes today telephony, messaging, and video….

Insider Report March 2020

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from March 2020 Events Well, obviously, the big event this month was the coronavirus. Actually, the federal government was studying the pandemic in October 2019, but it took until March 2020 for it to…

TalkingHeadz with Murali Sitaram, GM Yammer

It was wonderful to catch up with Murali, now at Microsoft. The first time we met was eight years ago when he was running Webex Quad. We did this interview. Quad was replaced by Spark, now known as Webex Teams….

Inside our new Reality: Musings from a Zoom Virtual Event

Company showcases an impressive unified offer that utilizes a single application on a single framework.

Is the Internet Going to Break?

We are placing unprecedented demand on our network and computing services. The coronavirus is spreading and with it comes illness, deaths, and fear. The experts advise us to stay home with clean hands, and for most of us that means…

TalkingHeadz Podcast News with VoiceMails 022020

Check out this new TalkingHeadz Podcast where we discuss the top news events of Feb 2020. We are using the Feb TalkingPointz Insider Report as our template. If you are not an insider, and curious what’s in an Insider report,…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Craig Walker, CEO Dialpad

It’s been fascinating to watch Craig disrupt communications, it’s a show that never stops. Craig popped up on my radar at Grand Central (I still have that number, now associated with Google Voice). But, Craig was busy disrupting before that,…

Virtual Analyst Events

Last week I attended the Zoom Analyst event (#Zoom20). This was my first virtual analyst event as it was for many others — including Zoom. I attend a lot of events, and conclude each year that I should attend less….

Footnotes & Facts: A Coronavirus Update

Currently there are 95,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 3,252 deaths. 51,156 are confirmed recovered individuals. If you prefer visuals, here is a chart from Johns Hopkins: So what does this tell us? In China the number of new coronavirus…

Virtually Observing Five9

A few weeks ago, Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN) announced its intent to acquire Virtual Observer, provider of WEM workforce engagement management (WEM). Virtual Observer has been a Five9 partner for more than three years. My initial reaction was confusion. To me,…

Poly Expected to Make More Remarkable Changes at EC20

Product launches and updates came steadily and frequently throughout the past year.

The Coronavirus and Remote Work

The vast majority of Americans don’t have Coronavirus and want to keep it that way. As a result, there’s a lot plans, attitudes, and policies rapidly changing. Washing hands, reducing travel, and avoiding crowds may not be enough. The result…

Insider Report February 2020

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from February 2020 Events Avaya Engage: Avaya hosted its Engage conference in Phoenix. There were very few new announcements, but there were updates on several previously announced initiatives. The biggest was Avaya Cloud Office…

Journey of Becoming a Re-engaged Customer

Make customers feel heard and wanted or risk losing loyalty.

CoronaVirus: Get Over It

I just got back from China. I changed flights in a desolate Hong Kong airport – the vast majority of flights were cancelled. Why am I traveling during a global crisis? Let’s look at the data objectively. Wuhan China has…

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TalkingPointz Gets a New Look

My first blog post on “this site” was in October 2007. Back then, the site was called PinDropSoup. A reference that few people understand today. Like all websites, TalkingPointz has gone through numerous revisions such as the move from Blogger…

Prevent COVID-19 with a Webcam

99% of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus have been in China, but it won’t stay that way. It has worked its way into 27 countries, and continues to spread. We have recently seen outbursts in Singapore and now Italy. While…

1-(700) Killed Tie

Tie-lines were operated by every major company in America by the 1970s. They were bypassing the long distance network, are costing the Bell System vast amounts of money, and had become very costly to install and manage. By some estimates,…

G Suite ‘365’: Google Finally to Deliver Unified Client?

Google is great at ideas, but tends to leave the implementation to others — namely, Microsoft.