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The Future Of Work – Who’s Holding The Cards?

In the high-stakes poker game of the modern workplace, where hybrid models and return-to-office debates are as hot as the latest internet fad, let’s meet the players holding the cards in the game of remote, return, or hybrid. Will your…

TP Chatz: 2 Things I Learned | Neat’s Kevin McMenamy

Listening to the “TalkingPointz Chatz” podcast featuring Dave Michels and David Danto with their guest, Kevin McMenamy, the CTO of Neat, was an enlightening experience. Two key insights stood out to me: the rapid evolution of video conferencing technology over…

Avaya Transformation: Are We There Yet?

Big Avaya news: Alan Masarek, President and CEO for its transformation, retires. Patrick Dennis, current Chairman of the Board, takes over.

CX Doesn’t Matter

Many companies are not really asking themselves how to improve their customer service. Rather, they’re engaging in active experiments to figure out how much they can get away with.

TalkingPointz Research: Infocom24 #IC24

Overview The annual US show, which covers all aspects of the AV space, took place in very hot Las Vegas the week of June 10th. The show’s organizer, Avixa, reported 36,967 total registrants with nearly 7K no-shows resulting in 30,271…

Insider Report June 2024

Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from June 2024 Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from June 2024 Feature The Hunt for Data to Train LLMs: It takes an ungodly amount of data to train advanced large language models (LLMs),…

Three AIs Walked into a Bar…

Generative AI has captured the attention of businesses of all sizes across many industries. Pre-Gen AI types of AI have proven reliability and offer significant value. The smart play? Leverage both while waiting for the next AI solution.

Insider Lite May 2024

Conspiracy Theory of the Month: “Do not ever trust OpenAI or its products,” said Edward Snowden on X after OpenAI appointed a former director of the National Security Agency (NSA) to its board of directors. “There’s only one reason for…

TalkingPointz Research: AV1 Codec

In In the rapidly evolving domain of digital video codecs, the AV1 codec has emerged as a game-changer with the potential to revolutionize video compression for enterprise communication. Developed by the Alliance for Open Media, AV1 promises unprecedented compression efficiency…

A Closer Look At The Crestron Videobar 70

A Giant In The Collaboration Space From A Giant In the AV Space Next up on the TalkingPointz Tech Bench is the new Crestron Videobar 70. The Videobar 70 comes in a box that is about 48” long.  I assumed…

Generative AI: Not the Droids You Are Looking For

Generative AI is a new tool and it’s still early. So far, it hasn’t done much, and we need to adjust our expectations that it might indeed be a while until it does.

Recalling the Dead Past

Copilot+ PCs with the Recall feature are available now: Happy goldfish bowl to everyone.

Certified Confusing

There are a handful of topics in enterprise video communications that will always raise sensitivity and opinions.  One example is Interoperability – how one firm’s systems and platforms work with another firm’s systems and platforms. We’ve been arguing about that…

Insider Report May 2024

Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from May 2024 Curated Enterprise Communications News and Insights from May 2024 Feature The New iPads: Apple has confused the world with its new iPad, introduced in May, not to mention angered many with…

TP Chatz: 2 Things I Learned | CEO Turnover

The two Daves discussed CEO turnover in enterprise communications. I had no idea that CEO turnover was up. Of course, I heard about CEOs leaving, but I hadn’t really noticed an increase. So, yes, the first thing I learned was…

Meet the Poly Studio G62 system – Modular, Green, Easy to Set Up

Days before InfoComm, HP|Poly unveiled its newest video conferencing solutions.

TalkingPointz Research: Digital Events

I attend a lot of meetings and events. Over the past decade or so, meetings have changed a lot. Events, not so much, but are about to in a big way.  Up in the Air came out in 2009. It’s…

To Communicate What Enterprise Communications Is, Start With the Name

IT and enterprise communications needs to do better with names. Here’s a shortlist of suggestions to make our brands more durable and more comprehensible to their intended customers.

A Closer Look At The Barco Click Share Bar

A lot of stuff packed into one package Next up on the TalkingPointz Tech Bench is the new Barco ClickShare Bar Pro. This is a bigger device than most USB only videobars, but it packs a lot into one package….

The Future of Work – No, Really

The facts around the state of the modern workplace – and the people who comprise it — are clear. So are the best practices forward-thinking managers should adopt.