Blab with @DisruptiveDean on BroadSoft and Intellinote

by Dave Michels

BroadSoft announced it acquired Intellinote – this is part of its Project Tempo vision announced last Fall.

Adding Workstream Messaging to the UCaaS mix is a good move. I wrote about it earlier this week here.

Dean Bubbly of Disruptive Analysis and I were both at BroadSoft Connections last fall. We’ve had some interesting conversations about BroadSoft and Project Tempo, so decided (on the fly) to conduct a Blab on the topic.

During the BroadSoft briefing they included a demo of Intellinote. It had the usual/expected functionality plus a few extras. For example, it has a nice menu along the top to change views (Chat, Summary, Notes, Tasks, Files, Members, Drafts, and Trash).

There wasn’t a whole mentioned about how it will be integrated. Intellinote currently uses a third party for its video capabilities – presumably WebRTC. BroadSoft has an excellent WebRTC solution known as My-Room. I’m sure the tech will make it’s way into Intellinote, but I don’t know what happens to My Room. Also, Intellinote currently has a video conferencing button, not an audio only option. This may sound trivial (video without the camera is audio), but it’s bigger than I think many realize. It’s one of the differences I’ve noticed between Cisco Spark and Unify Circuit. Sometimes I just want audio – even more important when it’s to a PSTN number.