BackBeat GO2 Headsets

by Dave Michels

At the recent UCSummit conference I got a pair of BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Earbuds from Plantronics. I found them impressive – music first yet acceptable for telephony bluetooth headsets. They are stereo for music or spatial audio, or monaural with just one ear for driving or when you need an ear open. I had a pair of the original BackBeat’s and wasn’t too impressed, but these are markedly improved.

This have become my primary on-the-go headphone/headset – replacing both my corded music pair and my bluetooth telephone headset that I used to carry. Instead of attempting to write a review, I reached out to Joe Burton, CTO at Plantronics, to discuss them. In this video, Joe explains the headsets, the design approach, and answers many other questions about the Backbeat Go 2 earbuds. Joe also provides a sneak at some new stuff.

Something that didn’t come up in the video, is the amazing range on these headsets. I’ve always considered bluetooth a very short range wireless solution. In fact, one of my complaints about the original Backbeats was sometimes my pants pocket was out of range from my ears. These Backbeats have exceptional range. With the iPad on my upstairs desk, I can actually make it to my basement without missing a (back) beat  – almost as far as my DECT headset.


Around the 30 minute mark (yes, a long detailed conversation), the conversation switches to the new Backbeat Fit – optimized for folks that are literally on the run.

This wasn’t the first time I chatted with Joe – I published an interview in 2012.