Avaya Trends

by Dave Michels

Avaya recently posted what they see as trends in 2012.  It is a three page document with 12 trends – tightly written – crisp points. It’s intended to be a summary – a longer document is promised.

The trends seem fairly reasonable, and a few patterns emerge.

  • The word “social” appears 11 times.
  • The word “video” appears 1 time
  • “Mobile” and “Mobility” each appear once
  • The word “cloud” does not appear (although “UC Managed services/outsourcing” does)
There is considerable emphasis on ROI.
  • “More companies will calculate where voice communications fit…”
  • “More business will question and demand quantification…”
  • “Early adopters have completed implementation of, and captured initial ROI from…”
Although “CEBP” does not appear, there is a definite theme around applications and productivity.
The trends are fairly high level, strategic, and customer facing. Good work and thanks to Avaya for sharing.