Avaya Experience in Manchester

by Dave Michels

Avaya has been hosting regional Avaya Experience events aimed at partners and customers. Last month in Singapore, they made several announcements.

  • Avaya announced a new APAC Innovation Center. This is a significant new initiative to be staffed in the hundreds to develop and showcase new technologies in mobility, AI, and other areas.
  • Avaya announced a partnership with Afiniti for AI-driven behavioral pairing. (see the quip)
  • The Avaya Happiness Index on Blockchain, which analyzes customer interaction data from multiple channels in real-time, was voted a Gold Winner for innovation at the 2018 Edison Awards. The solution was developed in partnership with Avanza Innovations and Sundown.ai.
  • Also on display were the new Avaya CU360 Android-based Huddle Room solution, the Vantage phone with hard numeric keypad, and the whole like of DECT wireless handsets..

Last week, a UK Experience Event took place in Manchester England. In this video below, I speak with Iaon MacRae, UK GM about the event.

Now, I have to say this was the hardest video I have recorded so far. Ioan was great – on top of his game. But the combination of the event itself, jet lag, and some incredible Indian food the night before, I was simply unable to sleep much. I got up to meet Ioan as agreed, recorded the video, and then went back to sleep for 5 hours.

So while i wasn’t on top of my game, I opted to post it anyway – because what’s important here is the energy coming out of Avaya. The UK team is executing on prem, in the cloud, UC, and contact center. The event was very optimistic. News and announcements coming from Avaya are steady.

Regarding the Curry Mile .

Although I’ve never been to India, I have found that the UK has some of the best Indian food. Evidently, more specifically, the best Indian food in the UK comes from Manchester, and more specifically again, it comes from the Curry Mile.

The Curry Mile is a nickname for a part of town to the south of Manchester Center. The name is earned from the large number of restaurants, take-aways and kebab houses that specialize in the cuisines of South Asia and the Middle East. It is considered the largest concentration of South Asian restaurants outside of India. It’s actually about half a mile, but the restaurants are on both sides of the highway.

I had a great meal there, but wasn’t able to sleep for about 15 hours.