Cisco and IBM Bring the Power of Watson to “Intelligent Collaboration”

In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies’ Jim Burton leads a conversation with the UC Experts on the recent Cisco-IBM announcement. The podcast includes Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, Roberta J. Fox, Dr. Joseph Williams, Dave Michels and Don Van Doren.

2016 Midyear Review

In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies conducts its annual “year in review” podcast at the midyear point. Moderator Dave Michels posed this question to start it off: “It’s halfway through the year; EC is months behind us. What’s interesting to you? What will…

UCStrategies Reviews INTERACTIONS 2016

In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies’ Jon Arnold leads a discussion about Interactive Intelligence. Several of the UCStrategies Experts attended the company’s recent INTERACTIONS 2016 event, and in the second part of the podcast they discuss the company in the context of keynote speaker…

UCStrategies Reacts to Microsoft Purchase of LinkedIn

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Simon Dudley leads a conversation with UCStrategies Experts about the announcement that Microsoft will purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The podcast includes Michael Finneran, Evan Kirstel, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, Dave Michels, Steve Leaden, and Roberta J. Fox.

NEC’s IT Advantage

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the recently held NEC Advantage conference, at which several members of the team were in attendance. Dave Michels moderates, and is joined by Jon Arnold, JR Simmons, Steve Leaden, Michael Finneran, Dr. Joseph Williams and Phil Edholm.

The New Role of APIs, Integrations, and CPaaS For Business Communications

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss APIs and integrations and the importance integrating with apps for the next stage of UCC. Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, which includes Experts Jon Arnold, Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Simon Dudley, Steve Leaden, Roberta J. Fox, and Dave Michels.

Workstream Messaging and UC

In this Industry Buzz podcast, moderator Dave Michels and the UCStrategies team take on the topic of workstream messaging and its impact on communications and collaboration, and discuss some of the new players making inroads in the enterprise. Partipating in the roundtable are Experts Blair Pleasant, Kevin Kieller, Dr. Joseph Williams, and Simon Dudley.

Mitel’s Acquisition of Polycom: UCStrategies’ Reaction

In this week’s Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts debate the Mitel acquisition of Polycom. Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, and is joined by Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Roberta Fox, Jon Arnold, Dr. Joseph Williams, Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, and Steve Leaden.

The Role of Customer Engagement in the Contact Center

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant moderates a conversation about changes in customer care and the contact center, and the growing significance of the customer experience. Blair is joined by UCStrategies Experts Don Van Doren, Roberta Fox, Jon Arnold, Phil Edholm, Evan Kirstel, Steve…

UCStrategies Reflects on Enterprise Connect 2016

UCStrategies’ Marty Parker was not able to attend Enterprise Connect this year, so he interviewed the UCStrategies Experts to find out what he missed. In this Industry Buzz podcast, Marty hears from Experts Jim Burton, Michael Finneran, Evan Kirstel, Dave Michels, Dave Stein, Blair Pleasant, JR…

Live From Enterprise Connect 2016: Scott Velting of AT&T

From Enterprise Connect 2016 in Orlando, John Furrier, Founder and Co-CEO, SiliconANGLE Media, and Peter Santeusanio, CTO of UCStrategies, interview Scott Velting, Executive Director, Enterprise Cloud Communications, AT&T.

Mobile Considerations in Enterprise Communications

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address mobile UC: working mobile, and mobile clients. Participating are Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Kevin Kieller, Steve Leaden, Art Rosenberg, Dr. Joseph Williams, Blair Pleasant, and Don Van Doren.

UC Summit 2013 Day Three

The best metaphor for the UC Summit is to describe the event like a Smörgåsbord. It’s just a veritable buffet of information, analysis, relationships, and of course food and drink. When the conferenced ended on Wednesday, everyone left full.