TalkingPointz Research: Zoom and Five9

Overview Zoom and Five9 have enjoyed a partnership for several years. On July 18, 2021 the companies agreed to merge. Both BoDs approved the deal.  Zoom’s vision is best-in-class video and customer engagement from a single provider.  Rowan Trollope, CEO…

Dialpad Closes Meetings Gap

UCaaS provider parlays video elements from Highfive acquisition plus voice smarts to push ahead on meetings, adds informal collaboration tool, and more.

TalkingHeadz with Aurangzeb Khan, SVP Jabra

You can subscribe to TalkingHeadz on most podcast apps. Transcript Dave Michels 2:43 Today we have with us Aurangzeb Khan, the SVP of intelligent vision systems at GN Jabra, welcome Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb Khan 2:52 Thanks very much, Dave, how are…

TalkingPointz Insider Report – June 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from June 2021 The Human-Made Pandemic: Pandemics suck. That’s my conclusion from my firsthand experience over the past year. In the US, things are returning to normal. I took two domestic trips (four flights)…

The Teams Dilemma

In this research note, we take a look at the Microsoft in the room. The Teams platform is growing rapidly. This report is focused on Teams, but the vendor landscape is significantly changing. Microsoft Teams UCaaS and Zoom Phone simply…

What’s AWS Conveying With Its Acquisition of Wickr?

As it looks to differentiate its service, AWS focuses on privacy and encryption with its latest acquisition.

What’s AWS Conveying With Its Acquisition of Wickr?

As it looks to differentiate its service, AWS focuses on privacy and encryption with its latest acquisition.

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Kira Makagon of RingCentral

There’s a lot of reasons we can list that have made RingCentral a success. Among them is Kira Makagon. She has touch nearly every successful technical innovation (and acquisition) at RingCentral in the past 10 years. You can subscribe to…

The Composable Contact Center Fosters Change

CCaaS continues to rapidly evolve, and the next step is composability.

Top Secret

It turns out that some people actually have secrets. I don’t. I regularly share every thought via videos, tweets, and posts. Or do? We all have secrets. Some are more interesting than others. If our emails and chats became public,…

TalkingHeadz with Evan MacMillan, CEO of Gridspace

Gridspace is an amazing company. That’s not even a new conclusion, because I felt the same way in 2018, and I can prove it. In 2018 we (myself, Joseph Williams, and Dan Miller) selected Gridspace (and Evan) for inclusion in…

TalkingHeadz with Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope

I do enjoy Rowan. We met back in 2012 when he arrived at Cisco, and over the years I’ve had several opportunities to interview him. Despite is successes, he’s largely remained the same guy: accessible, sincere, and articulate. He’s a…

Virtual Events Suck

I typically attend about 15 industry analyst events a year. Probably even more over the past 12 months, but who knows? It’s all a blur.  Many of my peers consider industry analyst events to be a perk. I felt that…

TalkingPointz Insider Report – May 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from May 2021 Teams Is the New Windows: Most people consider Microsoft Teams to be a communications and collaboration application. It is. Teams effectively replaced Skype for Business, which was also a communications and…

Is It Time to Do Away With the Agent Title?

To improve customer service, we need to acknowledge that everyone (not just the contact center) is responsible for customer care.

TalkingHeadz with Karen Mangia of Salesforce

From the inside flap of Working From Home We knew virtual workplaces were coming, but we didn’t think they would come so soon. Yet, here we are, sitting in our home offices, trying to make sense of our now-remote careers. Do…

Online Meetings Are Virtually Here to Stay

Expect rapid innovations to continue, providing a better experience inside and outside the meeting room.

TalkingHeadz with John Saw of T-Mobile

Transcript Evan Kirstel 2:24 And we’re here at talking heads. In today’s episode, we have john saw executive vice president advanced and emerging technologies at T Mobile events an emerging absolutely so we have high expectations, john and nice to…

TalkingPointz Insider Report April 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from April 2021 The Pandemic Is Over! Well, that’s how I feel. I received my second shot, and things are looking up. My PC is running better, briefings are more interesting, my 5G and Wi-Fi…

TalkingPointz Research: Room Panels

Room Panels By Dave Michels, April 28, 2021 The next big revolution in meeting rooms will take place outside the meeting room.  1. Overview In response to increased demand and low costs, 2019 was a strong year for meeting room…

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