Cisco Collab Update #CiscoCollabAnalystSummit

Cisco hosted a PACKED 2-3 day Analyst Event in San Jose, California. The emphasis on PACKED is legit. I’m exhausted. The bus left the hotel at 7:30 AM and returned 10:30 PM. The first two days were Webex focused which…

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from January 2020

Events The big event in January was the Consumer Electronics Show, and it wasn’t a good year for the “consumerization of IT” crowd. Not many new ideas at all this year. AI, 5G, AR/VR transitioned from breakouts to features. Here…

CenturyLink Analyst Event 2020

Here’s my wrap up from Marco Island, Fl., #CenturyLinkAR CenturyLink 2020 Analyst event #CenturyLinkAR from Dave Michels on Vimeo.

Avaya: Rising from its Ashes

What to expect next week at Avaya Engage

Vonage R&D

I did what many call an SAS Day (actually two) with Vonage R&D in Israel. What’s an SAS Day? No one really knows. It’s actually a Gartner term that stands for Strategy Advisory Session. The phrase “SAS day” is used…

TalkingHeadz Podcast: Brian Day, CEO Fuze

In this podcast we learn why Boston is a great place for business (and that Bostonians escape to Denver for fun). Why Fuze’s pivot to enterprise is not a pivot, and what Brian wants Fuze to be obsessed with.

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Quentin at BlueJeans

There is no other segment withing enterprise communications that is getting more attention now than video. Actually, most companies are now simply calling it meetings.Because it’s about and as natural as “meetings.” BlueJeans is one of the companies on the…

Securing Our Communications: More Innovation, Please!

The innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2020 will feature needed solutions for improved enterprise security.

My 2019

It’s that time again, time for my longest post of the year – my annual report post.   You can see previous annual reports by modifying the year in the URL. Let’s start with… The Year in 24 Events  I will…

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from December 2019

Another year (and decade) comes to an end. This month was rather slow, probably because of the midweek holidays. 2019 was a complex year. There were more transitions than usual. Enterprise communications continues to broaden and is (this is impressive)…

Has the Video Interop Cold War Ended?

All year, I’ve been describing 2019 as the year of video-first communications. It’s the year that UCaaS providers decided to lead with video. It’s the year that video communications truly became mainstream. It’s the year that video became much more…

The Top 10 Acquisitions of 2019

Despite a slowdown in merger and acquisition activity this year, companies like RingCentral, NICE, Ribbon, Five9, Vonage, and others made several key deals.

TalkignHeadz with Yaniv at Nextiva

We try to do two podcasts a month. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Both Evan and I travel about 50% of the time, and most of our guests tend to be pretty busy too. It’s unavoidable that sometimes…

Has the ‘Focus on Growth’ Mantra Come to a Head in UC?

With uncertain economic times ahead, some cloud-based providers have already pivoted to focusing on profitability over market growth.

Wanted for EC20: Security & Privacy Innovation

The 2020 Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase will shine a light on interesting new approaches to security and privacy related to enterprise communications.

What Occurred in October?

I post a newsletter every month, but that content is not surfaced on the website. I am working to fix this in 2020. The November news report went out yesterday. IF you are curious what’s in a newsletter, below is…

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from November 2019

Events The two big events between the busy fall and the sleepy winter seasons this year were Microsoft Ignite and Salesforce Dreamforce. Here are some high-level thoughts, with more granular details in the sections below.  Microsoft Ignite: Microsoft announced a…

Avaya Engage Dubai

Last week I attended Avaya Engage in Dubai. This was the third Engage for me this year (Austin, Singapore, and Dubai).  With each event (or interaction or engagement), I leave with something new.  This event took place at the Atlantis…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Paul Jarman

It’s always NICE to be inContact with Paul Jarman. He is a CCaaS pioneer that saw his vision for the contact center evolve become what’s now known as CCaaS. In this podcast @DaveMichels and @EvanKirstel explore with NICE inContact CEO…

Cisco Brings Innovation to Rooms, Desks With Latest Devices

It’s a phone; it’s a video solution – wait no, it’s Cisco’s new Desk Pro!