ChatGPT is Causing Everyone to Hallucinate.

With ChatGPT, we can’t trust all of what it says, and that means we can’t really trust anything it says.

Insider Report May 2023

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The dominant story of enterprise comms continues to be AI. Actually, it’s the dominant story of tech in general. AI is hardly new, but this new generation of…

Hotdesking is Critical for Hybrid Office Success

Hotdesking has become the champion growth technology for enabling hybrid work.

How Webex Fixed My Cacophonous Interview

Videos are more complex to make than they appear. I’ve been writing about enterprise comms for close to two decades. It’s an iterative, asynchronous process. The backspace key is the most used key on my keyboard. Producing on-site videos is…

Five9 Analyst Summit 2023

I attended the Five9 Analyst Summit in Porto, Portugal. A very effective event. By effective I mean that it covered a lot of ground. Post-pandemic analyst events are shorter, but with good planning and content they can still be effective….

TalkingPointz Research: Enterprise Connect 23

A bit delayed. I can usually get the EC note out in April. Instead, I focused on getting out the Research Note on Conversational AI, then came the Sprinklr analyst event, and then I got sick. But here it is…

Real Time Recorded LIVE May FOURTH 23

Zeus and I can’t figure out what to do with Real-Time, Recorded. At one time it was weekly, then dropped to monthly, even quarterly. We thought we would try a live episode. We did have a live audience, but no…

Digital Customer Support Still Lags

There’s many times where digital makes more sense. What I don’t understand is why so many companies are making it an unnecessarily painful experience.

Avaya Emerges from Chapter 11

With its new capital structure, the company can pursue new market opportunities while enhancing its customer service and support capabilities.

New 3D-Like Meetings, Courtesy of an Old Technology

Logitech and Steelcase are using an old trick to ‘spice’ up meetings. If you’ve ever been to the Haunted Mansion, you’re already familiar with it.

TalkingPointz Research on Conversational AI

Last month, Gartner published a Magic Quadrant on Conversational AI Platforms. Gartner reported that over the past two years it has received over 3000 inquires on conversational AI.  That made sense to me, after all, the entire CCaaS conversation is…

Enghouse Interactive brings IoT Capabilities to “All-in-One” CX

New CX Suite combines omni-channel contact center, unified communications and IoT capabilities.

Insider Lite April

There were a lot of great things at EC23, and a lot of them were AI related: Probably the most popular feature was AI summarization. Funny how generative AI is so versatile, yet seems to always come down to the…

Zoom and Workvivo: It’s a Matter of Time and Place

Last week we learned that Zoom intends to acquire Workvivo. I approve of this acquisition.  First, we need to understand that it’s not often I get to write “Zoom acquired” in a sentence.  Zoom is acquisition reticent. It has only…

Innovation Showcase Interviews

After the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 23, we created some at-event interviews with the six showcase companies. The Innovation Showcase is the part of Enterprise Connect dedicated to up and coming companies. Every year, we pick a theme and…

TalkingPointz Insider Report EC23

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The main news since the last Insider Report comes from Enterprise Connect. It was a very successful conference, and there’s much to say and process.  This Insider Report…

TalkingHeadz with Brad Hintze of Crestron

Multi-camera video is best demonstrated in large conference rooms, and that can be a challenge in an expo hall. Crestron solved it: We’re going to need a bigger booth. I experienced Crestron’s 1 Beyond experience in an expo booth with…

Stories from #EC23

Dave and Heidi discuss some of the stories from Enterprise Connect 2023. ChatGPT, The Future of Comms, WKRP in CC, and Multi-cam meetings. An Insider Report next week will cover most of the news from EC23. A bigger and deeper…

UJET Launches Native Workforce Management Solution

The WFM offering will help streamline and leverage available operational data

Insider Report 7-3 Mar-23

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News The Most Important Enterprise Communications News Next week is Enterprise Connect. There will be quite a bit of news, so I thought I’d better clear the backlog with this Insider Report. The next Insider…