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Dave Michels

Dave Michels
Dave is an independent analyst focused on enterprise communications. he provides public content on TalkingPointz and other industry websites, and also works with clients directly.

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Philonenko Leaves Avaya

Today, Avaya announced its Q1-19 results, and some organizational changes. Briefly, results were mixed with some positive developments on MM...

No More UC MQ

Market research firm Gartner changes up its reporting strategy for a maturing UC market.

Avaya Engage 2019

Just got back from Avaya Engage in Austin Texas. The quick summary is Avaya is doing lots of great things,...

RCS is Coming

2019 will be the year that RCS moves from tech punchline to reality. One never knows if a Google initiative...

My 2018

It’s that time again, time for my longest post of the year – my annual report post. This is where...

Avaya Investor Day

The new Avaya hosted its first investor analyst conference.  If you are not familiar with investor conferences, they are curious...

Vidyo Nailing Healthcare

Just about every enterprise comms company claims to have vertical strategies, and invariably those verticals are government, education, and healthcare....

November Quipz

All month it felt like a slow news month, then I wrote the recap. Several big events: re:Invent, OpenTalk, BroadSoft...