Vonage Buys Into Conversational Commerce

Vonage aims to stake out a claim in the growing area of conversational commerce with its acquisition of

Dialpad is on a Multi-Channel CCaaS Journey

Committing to its CCaaS ambitions, Dialpad acquires omnichannel digital engagement provider Koopid, making it the third such acquisition in the last two months.

Webex is New Again

Cisco is primed to discuss the hottest enterprise communications topics and trends, including hybrid work, at next week’s WebexOne event.

The Application Becomes a Platform

RingCentral unites UCaaS and CPaaS.

A Storm in the Redwoods with Martin Taylor of Content Guru

TalkingHeadz podcasts are available in most podcast apps. Transcript Dave Michels 0:12 Welcome to talking does Evan and I will be talking with Martin Taylor of content guru but first evon Did you see that on 60 minutes that apparently…

What Stewart Said

It’s not that we need Slack (or other solution) because we might work in multiple places, we need Slack (or other solution) because location is irrelevant to how we now work.

Feeling Uneasy About Customer Service: Here’s Why

Most customers encounter loyalty-eroding problems, and we must remember to exercise our voice when appropriate.

Insider Report September 2021 #EC21

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from September 2021 The new and improved (free) newsletter requires a separate (but free) subscription. Check out Insider Lite to get reflections, content, and selected tweets in near-weekly emails. September: We have passed…

Mike Tessler on UCaaS Heading True North

Transcript Dave Michels 0:12 Hello, and welcome to Talking Heads today Evan and I will be speaking with Michael tesslar, the managing partner at True North advisory. But before that heaven, everyone’s talking about return to the office. Now, I…

The Deal is Off: Five9 and Zoom

The headline is that Five9 and Zoom mutually agreed to terminate their merger. I suspect the Five9 shareholders rejecting the deal had a lot to do with it. In this post I expected Zoom to sweeten the deal, but figured…

Microsoft Set to Launch Operator Connect, What's Next?

Microsoft’s Operator Connect is more disruptive than many realize.

Chrome Enterprise CCaaS – New Paper

I switched to a Chromebook for travel in 2018. It was a bit of a personal challenge to see if one can survive on such a limited device. I still use it exclusively on travel, and it’s not a limited…

Final Countdown: 5, 9, Zoom

A decision is about to be made. The Five9 shareholders are about to vote or more specifically approve or reject the acquisition by Zoom. Zoom’s acquisition of Five9 is a great concept with a flawed execution. There’s a lot of…

Dialpad Expands Full-Service CCaaS with Self-Service

Dialpad reaffirms its commitment to CCaaS with latest acquisition.

Is That a BlockChain in Your Pocket? @HugoFeiler of @minima_global

This digital asset space is experiencing the fastest adoption of any technology in all of recorded history. It’s currently growing at twice the speed of the Internet. With 114 million users today, it’s likely to get to a billion users…

Insider Report August 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from August 2021 General | Meetings | Engagement | Unified Communications | Financial | Acquisitions | Goodreads The pandemic is back: OK, it never left. But I stopped opening the Insider Reports with pandemic…

CCaaS the New Black? Fashion Retailer Reimagines Customer Engagement

At Forever 21, customer engagement is evolving, and it appears to be doing so by eliminating what most would describe as a contact center.

Bonus To Boldly Go Where No #VoIP #Collaboration Has Gone Before: Subspace

SPAM was one of my first lessons on the power of the cloud. In the 90s, the Internet was still too dangerous for the enterprise. I worked at one company that required a note from the CISO as well as…

TalkingHeadz with Ray Pasquale of Unified Office

We had a series of scheduling snafus in August. Our first guest moved to a different month. Our second guest (of two) became our first guest (Brett), and then Evan got sick. Just a few days left in the month…

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TalkingPointz Research: CCaaS 2021

In this 7.5 page research note, I share my thoughts on the current state of CCaaS. The timing is not coincidental, Gartner just posted three research notes on CCaaS. Fascinating pieces that really got my mind going. 1. Overview Gartner…