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Colin Berkshire

Colin Berkshire
Colin Berkshire is a highly technical HR executive in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Colin has an engineering and voice background, and is currently on assignment in Asia. NOTE: Colin does not respond to comments, and does not Tweet.

The Hawthorne Effect

One of the more interesting discoveries of the Bell System was the “Hawthorne effect”.  The discovery was that the mere...

Apple’s Excuses

Apple has reported disappointing sales, particularly in China. Apple CEO Tim Cook at partly attributed the weakness to “a slowdown...

Betting on Magenta

I’ve always thought T-Mobile’s Legere was super smart. I don’t necessarily mean in IQ, but he is street smart. If...

WATS Service

WATS, or officially known as Wide Area Telephone Service, was an outbound only service that would offer customers discounted long...