April Quipz

by Dave Michels

Simply stated: There is no better way to stay current. Each month I summarize and interpret the enterprise communications news that matters. The reports are about 10 pages, but highly skimmable. I offer Quipz as a paid subscription, and it’s available in two options. Just the Quipz and Bundled with Research notes. Pricing and additional information can be found here.

Here’s a look at what was covered in the April report that went out to subscribers on May 1.

UC-Centric News
12 stories including:

  • V is For Vee
  • Avaya Leadership
  • New Headsets from Jabra
  • Avaya Hospitality
  • Mitel Goes Private

Messaging-Centric News
6 stories including :

  • Say Allo to RCS
  • Enterprise Grid Updates from Slack
  • Webex is a Cloud for Teams

Video-Centric News
3 stories including:

  • No More Hanging Out
  • Cisco Webex Share

Contact Center News
5 stories including:

  • Avaya: To Afiniti and Beyond
  • Customer Journey Solutions

Provider-Centric News
8 stories including:

  • Twilio Releases Programmable Wireless
  • CenturyLink Threat Report
  • BT Going All Digital

Emerging Technologies
7 stories including:

  • IBM and Blockchain
  • Now Hear (or Read) This
  • Google Fighting Robo Calls

5 stories including: 

  • G Suite To-Do
  • HP Chromebook Tablet
  • Atos and Google

2 stories including: 

  • T-Mobile and Sprint

Financial Quipz
2 stories including: 

  • Patience with IBM is Running Low

This Month’s Goodreads
20 good links to read

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