Apple’s Most Clever Feature

by Colin Berkshire

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple hasn’t actually done a lot to wow me. It’s like after the death of Walt Disney. The company carried out the known visions of the founder, but they seemed unable to innovate.

But Apple has introduced one feature that I absolutely love. I think it’s revolutionary and is a key reason to buy all-Apple products.

That feature is a common, shared clipboard. (Don’t laugh, please.)

I can copy anything to the clipboard in any device and then can paste it into something on any other device. If I am on my iPhone I can copy something I see in a web page or news article or email or wherever. Then, I can go to my desktop and use it. It’s just amazingly convenient.

I know this seems trivial, but I am using this feature constantly throughout the day. When I am back at my primary office I open up something on my desktop and then copy it over to my laptop, which is also running on my desk.

I think it is possible for something simple to also be something great. The shared/common clipboard is certainly simple. But it is equally certainly great. It is just such a convenient thing.