by Colin Berkshire

Colin here, and my postings have a lot of typos. For those, I apologize.

I’m an old geezer, and I never learned to type properly. I have a problem with my right arm and hand, so it’s hard to peck accurately. Spell checking then does me in by “fixing” words for me without telling me (thank you, Apple, for not thinking I want to see what words it has mangled.) On top of this I punch most of my postings on an iPhone, usually in moments when I am stalled, like in an airport or when being battered inside of a taxi cab.

I also think I have gotten sloppy by having an assistant. My official office stuff all goes through an administrative assistant who sanitizes things and make my writing look like somebody wearing a suit. When you have somebody cleaning up your everyday writing perhaps you get less careful the other times. What is you is my real side.

My spin on this is that I can’t read most text messages people send anymore. I don’t know why people don’t think vowels are important, and I don’t understand why it increases communications effectiveness to use funny faces, symbols, and numbers in place of real words, but this seems to not bother people. So just consider my lousy typos as my own personal version of text messaging. (OK, yes, this is spin.)

Anyway, thanks for reading and struggling. Being able to dash these messages off is what lets me write them at all.