Dave Michels is the Principal Analyst and Founder of TalkingPointz. He has extensive experience with all levels of the enterprise communications industry. Dave works with many of the largest providers to explore how communications are transforming workflow and collaboration.

Dave started out in the technical organizations of end user companies including Coors, IBM, General Electric, and others. He left the end user side of the business to start his own Value-Added Reseller (VAR) company, Buffalo Communications, in Denver, and transitioned to industry analysis and consulting after its sale in 2010.

Dave closely monitors industry news and trends, and shares insightful commentary and analysis in his posts and reports on TalkingPointz. Additionally, Dave contributes to many industry sites, presents regularly at industry events, and provides advisory services to industry stakeholders.

TalkingPointz site has grown in readership steadily since its launch; with its irreverent, incisive take on the industry, talkingpointz.com has become one of the most influential and often-quoted/linked blogs in the enterprise communications industry.
Dave holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from University of Colorado. He lives in Boulder.

Dave Michels

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