A Tip for Using Verizon Wireless

by Colin Berkshire

I don’t know what’s happened to Verizon’s network, but it has really declined in quality in the past year or so.

I get a lot of “dots” of signal, but the throughput is frequently very minimal. I used to complain that I couldn’t watch videos. Now I complain that I can’t send emails.

It sometimes happens that despite having 3 dots of service I just can’t get anything through their network.

I have found a work-around that often works, at least for emails and things like that…

If you are on their LTE network, go into Settings and turn OFF LTE. In an iPhone you go to Settings and then Cellular and then there will be an on/off control for “LTE”. Turn it OFF and your phone will revert back to 3G.

Now 3G isn’t very fast on Verizon. But when nothing is happening on their LTE network, it is good to know you can get that urgent email through or look something up on the web. Fr that, 3G is probably good enough.

I hear the US is now ranked 55th in terms of average cellular speed. We’re still near the top in terms of costliness.