A Conversation with @JeffPulver

by Dave Michels

I’ve known of Jeff since the 90s. Our circles have huge overlaps, but he largely exited the industry as I was coming in. I managed to attend one VON conference. Although I’ve been a big fan of Vonage for a long time, Jeff was gone before I knew the company. Jeff is what we call VoIP Pioneer. Some of his early actions shaped the industries that have become enterprise UCaaS and consumer communications.

Jeff is back!

I really enjoyed talking to him at the recent CASA23 CPaaS event in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I thought it might be good to a video interview, but he had to unexpectedly depart early. I had my second chance at UCX London. We were both presenting, but they gave him the keynote stage.

In this video we discuss the past, future, and near future of communications.

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