A Bitter Lync Divorce


Is Microsoft Lync ready for the enterprise? It’s a question that just won’t die. Certainly it seems to be selling well, and it represents a fairly unique solution. But Lync is so different that many just don’t know what to make of it.

On one hand, Lync offers smooth integration with a Microsoft infrastructure – Windows, Active Directory, Office, Exchange, and SharePoint. It has rich APIs and a high profile developer network. On the other hand, its voice features are somewhat limited, it requires partners to complete its solution (endpoints and applications such as contact center), has a very complex architecture, and it is the only enterprise telephony solution that does not support standard SIP endpoints.

Matt Brunk and I took on the debate on NoJitter last January. In that piece I had taken the PRO Lync position. But despite my elegant prose – the debate lingers. Last week,

Dave Michels