2022 Unfiltered

by Dave Michels

At this time of year, there’s lots of posts and videos on the trends and future of whatever.

This is the first time though that I was able to share these thought on an entirely new platform. I’ve known Joe Manuele for many years. He used to be a CC dude, but made an interesting leap from DiData (NTT) to head up Highfive video meetings a few years ago. Highfive was one of the original WebRTC video platforms that was acquired by Dialpad. For the past year at Dialpad Joe was focused on revamping/relaunching/expanding Dialpad’s CCaaS, but recently left to launch a new video service called No Filter.

The No Filter platform is basically a real-time video solution designed to democratize broadcasting. Anyone can have a live audience, invite guests, and sell tickets. It offers real-time “badass” video optimized for live streaming with tools for monetization.

It’s an interesting platform, but (and perhaps I am biased), the conversation is interesting too. Joe and I discuss a variety of topics from industry consolidation to crypto currencies in this video.


I’ve uploaded the video so I can embed in TalkingPointz, but you can also view on No Filter here in Joe’s vault.

I am proud to be included in No Filter’s launch in this way. Check it the episode and check out No Filter.