Has the Video Interop Cold War Ended?

All year, I’ve been describing 2019 as the year of video-first communications. It’s the year that UCaaS providers decided to lead with video. It’s the year that video communications truly became mainstream. It’s the year that video became much more…

The Top 10 Acquisitions of 2019

Despite a slowdown in merger and acquisition activity this year, companies like RingCentral, NICE, Ribbon, Five9, Vonage, and others made several key deals.

TalkignHeadz with Yaniv at Nextiva

We try to do two podcasts a month. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Both Evan and I travel about 50% of the time, and most of our guests tend to be pretty busy too. It’s unavoidable that sometimes…

Dial 9 for Atomic Weapons

All major companies had tie-lines bypassing the Bell System PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by the 1970s. Sprint was selling “bypass” where you could dial a local 7-digit number, then an authorization code, and then your long distance number for…

Has the ‘Focus on Growth’ Mantra Come to a Head in UC?

With uncertain economic times ahead, some cloud-based providers have already pivoted to focusing on profitability over market growth.

Wanted for EC20: Security & Privacy Innovation

The 2020 Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase will shine a light on interesting new approaches to security and privacy related to enterprise communications.

What Occurred in October?

I post a newsletter every month, but that content is not surfaced on the website. I am working to fix this in 2020. The November news report went out yesterday. IF you are curious what’s in a newsletter, below is…

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from November 2019

Events The two big events between the busy fall and the sleepy winter seasons this year were Microsoft Ignite and Salesforce Dreamforce. Here are some high-level thoughts, with more granular details in the sections below.  Microsoft Ignite: Microsoft announced a…

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