Firstline and Deskless Workers

There’s a quiet revolution occurring in enterprise communications that’s changing the use case. This industry has been all about servicing the knowledge worker. It’s kind of hard to define the knowledge, but he/she gets most of their work done with…

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Privacy Matters: Enterprises at an Inflection Point

Our digital breadcrumbs are all over enterprise communications and collaboration apps. What will become of all this data?

Reactions to S-Mobile

Leading Advocates and Experts Criticize DoJ Approval of T-Mobile/Sprint Merger    Washington, DC – Below, find excerpts and links to key reactions from leading advocates and experts about the Department of Justice approval of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger: American Antitrust Institute,…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Rowan Trollope of Five9

Cloud contact center is potentially the most disruptive sector of enterprise communications. It’s centered in a perfect disruptive storm of cloud computing, the adoption/implementation of artificial intelligence, and the increased capability to both understand and customize the customer experience. You…

When will We Get Realistic About 5G?

For five years now I have been skeptical of 5G. I am an outlier on this, but then I have an attribute that fewer and fewer people have: I can do math. I am now hearing in the press every…

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Reflections on the Zoom/Mac Security Debacle

The vulnerability is all patched up, but questions linger.


25 years ago I had an opportunity to meet with some executives at McDonald’s. They took me to the employee lunchroom. What impressed me most was a mural that went from one end of the lunch room to the other….

Internet Trends 2019

Mary Meeker did her annual presentation on Internet trends in June. I am not certain what motivates her to share her research, but I know the Internet appreciates it. Share yes, but not really explain. This time she presented 333…

TalkingHeadz with Vasili Triant , VP #CCTR Cisco

Vasili (shown here without his new beard) leads Cisco’s contact center initiatives for premises, hosted, and cloud.

An Insider’s Guide to Enterprise Communications News — June 2019

Here’s what’s important from June 2019 . . . Events The Cisco Collaboration team used the Cisco Live customer conference to make a variety of announcements. Cisco’s cognitive collaboration strategy was visible throughout the diverse announcements. Webex Teams received most…

Flexible Work Has its Bright Side… and its Dark Side

Top takeaways from a Fuze-hosted summit on the future of work

Libra, Where Commerce meets Communications

It was inevitable that some organization would do this, and Facebook just might be able to pull it off. As many of you know, I generally ignore Facebook as a user (I do maintain a TalkingPointz page on Facebook), but…

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